Diyala Council approves decongest project 56


Council of Diyala province, on Sunday, approving 56 decongest project distributed to all districts and conservative aspects of material cost approximately 20 billion dinars, while noting that the projects to be funded by the Fund of reconstruction of the liberated areas.

He said Chairman of the Board's threshold in Turkish in a press statement sent to bud "economy news, that" Diyala Council ratified 56 decongest project at a cost of about 20 billion dinars, distributed to all districts and aspects of conservatism ", stating that" projects involving all key sectors, in particular water and electricity and roads.

ROP added that "the approved projects will be funded by the liberated areas reconstruction fund set up by the Central Government," pointing out that "projects has been raised for the Fund to audit in accordance with the mechanisms in place before giving the green light to its Declaration and implemented by specialized companies.

And, to "launch the reconstruction movement in Diyala will have positive results in terms of providing more jobs and revitalise the local economy after a harsh recession lasted about three years in a row because of the repercussions of June 2015 and what caused the economic crisis after the collapse of crude prices."