Parliamentary services determine conditions for the investment of Iraqi airspace

Saturday 22 April 2017 | 12:27 pm
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BAGHDAD / A member of the parliamentary services committee Sabah al-Tamimi said on Saturday that the committee will not allow investment in Iraqi airspace, and stressed the need not to exceed the investment period of five years if necessary, while noting that the Committee follows the file of air control significantly .

Al-Tamimi said in a statement received by "Iraq News" that "the Parliamentary Services Committee will not allow investment of Iraqi airspace," indicating that "it is not against the private sector and investment but the interest of the country above all and the Council of Ministers certainly supports reform and that this work is shared with the House of Representatives "He said.

Tamimi added that "in the worst case if necessary to invest or joint operation must be in accordance with the international laws in force in the International Air Transport Association (IATA ) and the duration is as needed and not more than five years ."

"It has been following up for two years and largely the air control file and not only that, and sent a number of inquiries and questions and sent many books to the General Establishment of Civil Aviation in Iraq on this matter," noting that "I visited several times the headquarters of air control to inquire from air observers " .

Tamimi explained that "the Parliamentary Services Committee hosted the Minister of Transport several times and was asked a verbal question a week ago about this matter, but not for vague reasons in the House of Representatives as well as to visit the Office of the Inspector General with members of the Services Committee to see their actions during the meeting, which was present all Air control specialists ".

"Why did not the Ministry of Transport adjust the salaries of local air controllers in previous years, noting that the salary of the observer 600 dollars and salaries of the company's foreign staff 17 thousand dollars to the observer ."

Al-Tamimi called for "coordination between the Air Force and Air Defense Command and the General Establishment for Iraqi Civil Aviation, especially that on June 29, 2016, it was agreed to grant the Iraqi Ministry of Defense a loan of 2.7 billion dollars to assist in their war against" Daash. "After discussing with the two leaders, To develop and modernize the military airlift . "

She stressed that "Iraq is a country in the ongoing war against terrorism and political parties of different spectra," calling for "the development of strategic plans to improve the reality of air control ."

Tamimi pointed out that "many Arab and foreign airlines have shown their willingness to return and traffic through Iraq, and this saves them fuel and time because of Iraq's geographical location outstanding ."

It added that "all problems and errors are clear and the reasons for the previous mismanagement and will be announced a complete study including the problems and solutions necessary," pointing out that "all the above is a confirmation of the reform so all concerned should refer to the Services Committee on any subject related to air control of non-interference in Powers and promotion for the better service for the public good. " Finished 2