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Good evening everybody and welcome to Newstime with the DU News Crew for
Thursday 20 April
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We are glad for all who could make it here tonight.

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Thank you Mrs. BGG and BGG for the opportunity for this place, this group, and the
learning it has generated.

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Thank a mod when you get a chance, they do a stellar job here at Dinar Updates. Where
would we all be without them?

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Ok we have Kathy and myself tonight, BGG is in the wings.

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We have Marie as our copy tonight

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Suprkat if you will bring our prayer

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Dearest Heavenly Father:
We come together tonight Lord to praise Your name. Thank you for all of the blessings You have given us and for all those blessings yet to come. Lord, we thank you also for the hands and hearts who have created and maintain this group so that we may learn. Lord, we ask that You bless all who need you tonight – the homeless, the sick, the weary and the lost and grant them Your love, peace and comfort. Hear our prayers Lord, both spoken and unspoken and let us know that we are never alone. Be with all who serve tonight Lord, wherever they are – military, first responders, fire fighters and law enforcement and keep them safe and out of harm’s way. Be also with the families of the fallen Lord and walk with them as they grieve. We ask that You bless us in all that we do, that we may bring Your message of light, love and hope into the world. In Jesus’ precious name we pray, AMEN!

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Tonight we are pleased to have Kathy and her perspective with us
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Kathy is up
suprkat says(6:40 PM):
Everywhere in the news these days we see reports of the devastation, horror and anguish the people of Iraq (particularly those still trapped in Mosul) are facing on a daily basis.

In the liberated areas of Eastern Mosul, men are struggling to find enough work just to earn a measly $17-$26 a day to be able to feed their families. Some can only earn enough for one loaf of bread. Basic necessities such as electricity and water are still nonexistent in many parts of the city.

suprkat says(6:40 PM):
Although police now guard the liberated streets, even the police forces have no headquarters from which to work, and the threat of ISIS cells is still very real as the fight to liberate Western Mosul continues.

The plight of those who are still trapped in Western Mosul is even worse. Not only is there no food or water, but they face a daily threat of death at the hands of their captors.

Those who have escaped face many dangers as well. Being forced to flee with only the clothes they were wearing, most were forced to leave without proper documentation. The process to replace their documents is daunting – especially for single women.

suprkat says(6:41 PM):
They are crowded into refugee camps that are bursting at the seams to make room for the thousands of people left homeless by the fighting. Humanitarian organizations are pushed to their limits to provide enough food for these people. Disease is running rampant due to the poor conditions in which they are forced to live.

And it is worse for babies and expectant mothers. These women are malnourished and cannot produce enough milk to feed their babies. Infant formula is becoming harder and harder to supply. Infant mortality is on the rise. Malnutrition is a very real threat.

Reading these reports daily can be depressing and heart-wrenching. One must ask themselves, “How can these people possibly find the hope and the will to go on?” And yet, when you dig a little deeper, you begin to see that
suprkat says(6:42 PM):
hope is alive and well in the minds and hearts of the Iraqi people.

We see a young man named Ameen Mukdad holding a small concert with his violin in the rubble of Western Mosul. We see a girl’s school in Mosul full of girls learning from donated books. We also saw a report of several ladies just graduated from Mosul University after escaping the clutches of ISIS.

We saw hundreds of Christians celebrating Easter all over Iraq. We also saw a young man risking car bombs to bring books to the streets of Baghdad. A music/dance school which was once considered taboo has opened and is thriving in Baghdad.

suprkat says(6:43 PM):
Everywhere you look, signs of hope and prosperity are rising from the rubble. This is not to say that there are not dark times still ahead, or that the scars of war and terror will not last. Sadly, they will. But the resilience and perseverance of the Iraqi people is a true testament to the power of the human spirit.
MadDScout says(6:43 PM):
If you did not get a lump in your throat readin that... your not human
suprkat says(6:44 PM):
Kind of how I felt when I wrote it!
MadDScout says(6:45 PM):
This came out Monday, and adds to a report we brought last newstime on the Maritime
Channel Project
magnetlady says(6:45 PM):
MadDScout says(6:45 PM):
This is Saleh (Abadi's financial advisor) adding his input to the discussion

MadDScout says(6:45 PM):
Financial adviser to Abadi: The establishment of a maritime channel will form an
important economic artery for Iraq

2017/04/17 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 211 - Number (3904)

Baghdad / Range

BGG says to MadDScout(6:45 PM):
BTW - everyone of you has made me proud beyond words - before you even started.
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MadDScout says to BGG(6:46 PM):
Thanks Boss
suprkat says to BGG(6:46 PM):
MadDScout says(6:46 PM):
The financial adviser to the prime minister, Mohamed Saleh, has written in this regard
that the theories of water transport costs consider water transport to be the least
expensive. Compared to air transport, land transport and even railway transport.
Therefore, the application of this channel will constitute a vital economic and strategic
artery for Iraq if managed well.

MadDScout says(6:46 PM):
(( Firstly, waterways are the most economical way to transport. When compared with
other methods ))

MadDScout says(6:46 PM):
The appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an exclusive interview (range), and the channel
will have multiple uses of sea water, including distillation when needed or the speed of
injection of oil wells for the purpose of raising the production capacity of the oil fields,
as well as breeding a large fish wealth, : But the economic calculations of all economic
operations should be taken into account in this channel, and what is the least expensive
compared to air transport, land transport and even rail transport. Therefore, the
implementation of this channel will constitute an important economic artery for the
MadDScout says(6:47 PM):
(( Many peripheral industries will benefit from this project(s). Namely desalinization of
water, the oil industry, and fisheries. Saleh points out that the implementation of this
channel would create an important economic artery for the country. ))

MadDScout says(6:47 PM):
The report of the extent focused on the idea put forward by former Oil Minister Adel
Abdul Mahdi in an article in 2015, which is the division of a sea channel extending from
the Gulf to Baghdad on the edge of the Sahara, calling for discussion, especially as it is
not impossible if it is funded by subscription and stages ,

A project if applied according to the Committee on Economy and Investment
parliamentary will contribute to the development and move the wheel of the economy of
the country and adds to the treasury of the state of large financial returns, as experts
on the economic issue that the establishment of such a project will reflect on the
overall economy, whether open to the world economically and the operation of
thousands of labor or activate biolo D non-oil, stressing that with a canal freely
overlooking the bay at the time of need and substantial funds to the government's
determination and insistence on its implementation.

MadDScout says(6:48 PM):
Saleh's 2 cents
MadDScout says(6:48 PM):
Thank you Kaleigh for the following report
MadDScout says(6:48 PM):
Economy News Baghdad:

Electricity for "Economy News": Kilo watts cost us 180 dinars and sell to citizens by 10
MadDScout says(6:48 PM):
The Ministry of Electricity announced on Thursday that electricity is subsidized by
94% to citizens as we sell 10 dinars, while costing 180 dinars, adding that they are
subjected to a large attack by those affected by the citizen access to 24 hours of
MadDScout says(6:49 PM):
A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, Musab teacher for "Economy News", "The
privatization of the electricity distribution sector to eliminate the excesses that led to
the loss of 65% of the productive energy in addition to the payment of citizens with
the funds of $ 2.7 billion dollars, which are sufficient to repay Salaries of ministry
employees for two years. "
MadDScout says(6:50 PM):
(( Privatization will have a cost savings effect by virtue of the fact that private industry is usually more well maintained than government run services, by virtue of the
competition factor. The drive for customers is the impetus to establishing quality and dependability(i.e. 24hour power). ))
MadDScout says(6:50 PM):
"The privatization of the electricity distribution sector has been very successful And led to rationalize consumption by 30% with the termination of the rumors by 100%, "noting that" the Ministry of Electricity supports the current supply of citizens by 94%. "

He explained that "one kilo of watt cost the ministry 180 dinars and devices for citizens at 10 dinars," stressing that "the ministry is subjected to a large attack by those affected by the citizen access to 24 hours of electricity."
MadDScout says(6:51 PM):
The World Bank announced that the Iraqi government doubled the electricity consumption prices four times, indicating that the non-oil economy in 2017 is expected to recover this year after three years of deflation thanks to improved security conditions and increased non-oil investment spending.

MadDScout says(6:51 PM):
(( The World Bank has an optimistic view of this trend, and points out the security situation as having improved. ))
MadDScout says(6:52 PM):
We have BGG who wants the floor
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Appreciate that Pat -
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Time for a SHAMELESS PLUG...
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We will look forward to that tomorrow
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does anyone have any questions
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ok next article
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Thanks Larry for the following post

MadDScout says(6:58 PM):
Not a lot of explanation needed on this one

MadDScout says(6:58 PM):
US approves potential $295.6m weapons sale to Peshmerga

MadDScout says(6:58 PM):
A Kurdish Peshmerga soldier trains with Combined Joint Task Force counterparts as part of Operation Inherent Resolve in October 2015 near Erbil. Photo: US Army
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The US State Department has approved a possible sale of military equipment to the Peshmerga to an estimated cost of $295.6 million.

The sale would include equipment to fully outfit two Peshmerga light infantry brigades and two support artillery battalions, a statement from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency detailed on Wednesday.

goblio says(6:58 PM):
Even the U.S. started with the Erie Canal. History repeating itself. s70
MadDScout says to goblio(6:58 PM):
MadDScout says(6:59 PM):
A wide range of equipment was requested for purchase, including machine guns, armoured vehicles, body armour, small arms, chemical weapon detection and protection equipment, medical equipment, MRAPs, and ambulances.

The sale would assist in the defeat of ISIS, the statement said, adding it would not “alter the basic military balance in the region.”

The sale has not been concluded as of yet.
MadDScout says(6:59 PM):

MadDScout says(6:59 PM):
Thanks Larry
larrykn says to MadDScout(6:59 PM):
MadDScout says(6:59 PM):
Good post for stability (y)
MadDScout says(6:59 PM):
And pointed out
larrykn says(7:00 PM):
not sure how baghdad will like it but good for the Kurds
MadDScout says(7:00 PM):
"not enough to destabalize the region"
larrykn says(7:00 PM):
true but enough for stability
MadDScout says to larrykn(7:01 PM):
Wait until you see one of the later reports for tonight
MadDScout says to larrykn(7:01 PM):

goblio says(7:01 PM):
Agreed. It is good that the Peshmerga (Kurds) get some direct support. Turkey is going extreme just to the North. This might encourage them to calm down against the Kurds in Turkey.
MadDScout says to goblio(7:01 PM):
There are ongoing discussion in that vein
MadDScout says(7:02 PM):
Next report
MadDScout says(7:02 PM):
wait one had a kick
MadDScout says(7:02 PM):
Kathy got the boot
suprkat says(7:02 PM):
Government of Iraq and UNDP initiate 202 projects to accelerate the stabilization of Mosul

Apr 19, 2017

Baghdad—Building on dozens of projects already underway, the Government of Iraq today authorized UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS) to initiate 202 more projects to accelerate the immediate stabilization of Mosul and greater Ninawa Governorate.

The projects will repair damaged water, sewage and electrical systems, rehabilitate education and health facilities, and boost the local economy by employing youth on work brigades to remove rubble, open transport routes and revitalize the city.

suprkat says(7:03 PM):
At a signing ceremony in Baghdad, Dr. Mahdi Muhsin Al-Alaq, Acting Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, emphasized that providing these basic services would pave the way for the return of displaced people to liberated areas.

Ms. Lise Grande, UNDP Resident Representative for Iraq, said: “This authorization comes at just the right moment. A lot of work is already underway, but so much more needs to be done. We’re ready, and now we have the green light to go.”

The 202 projects were developed by the key provincial and line directorates, in cooperation with UNDP’s FFS, and are designed to support stabilization efforts in Mosul city and greater Ninawa Governorate.

suprkat says(7:04 PM):
Since the start of military operations to retake Mosul six months ago, nearly half a million people have been displaced from their homes. More than two-and-a-half years of ISIL control and conflict have crippled the city’s infrastructure. Homes have been destroyed, schools and health centers damaged, and crucial public infrastructure is in ruins.

Once the operation to free western Mosul from ISIL is over, the task of reconstructing a safe, functioning metropolis will be one of the biggest stabilization initiatives since World War II.

Established in June 2015, FFS is working in newly liberated areas in Anbar, Salah al-Din, Ninawa and Diyala governorates. More than 500 projects are completed or being implemented across 22 locations. Since the start of the crisis, over 1.6 million people have returned to their homes.

suprkat says(7:05 PM):
For additional information, please contact Lindsay Mackenzie in Iraq at or +964 (751) 135 3085.

larrykn says(7:05 PM):
does anyone have any questions
suprkat says(7:05 PM):
The UNDP has its hand in many endeavors throughout Iraq. The FFS department of the UNDP’s job is to fast-track and finance anything from small to major projects within Iraq. The UNDP has also been very vocal on requiring Iraq to be more transparent.

As we recall, the FFS is also involved in the recruitment of International Investigators (through an agreement with the GOI and the Supreme Judicial Council) that will assist and train Iraqis in the uncovering and prosecution of some major corruption files in Iraq.

Now, if you add to that their involvement in the E-Tendering System, we can see that the reconstruction in Iraq will be unlike anything since the days of WWII. The reconstruction process will be closely monitored - mostly because past Iraqi regimes have proven if you leave a dollar on the counter, they will be sure to take it!

suprkat says(7:06 PM):
When they mention "we're ready and now have the green light to go," it means that all the protocols have been put into place and the transparency has been enacted. But, we must also look at past statements made by Abadi, the World Bank, IMF and the UN that Iraq must and will empower their people by giving them first priority in the employment process to help in the rebuilding.

The good thing about this is that, while Iraqis will be employed and will finally be able to support their families, the GOI will also be getting what they need in taxes, as this, then, can be considered non-oil revenue.

MadDScout says(7:08 PM):
More non-oil revenue
suprkat says to MadDScout(7:08 PM):
Yes sir!
MadDScout says(7:08 PM):
the more of that they can come up with the better for all involved
MadDScout says(7:09 PM):
Who knows they may lead the way in out of the box thinking for that region
MadDScout says(7:09 PM):
Kurdish President of the Iraqi Parliament

20/04/2017 52 visits

( OPED )
MadDScout says(7:09 PM):
The first phase of the country will witness major changes that may not touch the essence of the political process, but will press hard. To the decisions and positions of shock after years of transformation and suffering, and the lack of seriousness in the fulfillment of promises to citizens complaining of poor performance, lack of services, and the absence of a solution to the ongoing crises, especially as everyone seemed to be unable to perform the responsibility placed on them properly.
MadDScout says(7:10 PM):
(( He is echoing Jabouri's statement " Iraq is coming to a new stage after getting rid of the terrorist " ))

MadDScout says(7:10 PM):
The possibility of turning the equation in favor of changes in the distribution of positions of sovereignty that resulted from sectarian and ethnic quotas has become great, and it is not excluded that the presidency of the Republic to the Sunnis instead of the presidency of parliament, which may go to a Kurdish woman where the Kurds do not keep a similar desire to their Arab counterparts who prefer men to take up positions Supreme, which may lead to the appointment of one of the current parliament deputies from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by former President Jalal Talabani (Ala Talabani) as President of the next parliament, which is one of the most Kurdish politicians open to the Arabs and active forces in Baghdad, pal G of intransigence on issues concerning the rights of the Kurds, which also enjoys a remarkable support from Shiite forces in the National Alliance.

MadDScout says(7:11 PM):
(( The editor is pointing out that the possibilities are increasing that positions in the gov may go to formerly unassociated sect or ethnicity, i.e. Presidency of the republic to a Sunni, and the speaker of parliament being kurdish, and a woman at that, this oped points out.
MadDScout says(7:11 PM):
I have seen in the past few days a report on the serious concideration of a woman becoming president of the Parliament (Jabouri's job.)

MadDScout says(7:11 PM):
They point to this Kurdish woman enjoying some support by the Shiite forces of the National Alliance, and is keenly aware of issues concerning the rights of Kurds, and not intransigent(refusing to come to agreement, or change one's mind) as some politicians of the past have. ))

MadDScout says(7:12 PM):
The efforts of the Kurdish powers to head the parliament result from dissatisfaction with the post of President of the Republic, which is symbolic but not influential in the political process, and they need to pass many laws that serve their cause, which prompts them more to demand the presidency of Parliament to be able to control the ways of legislation of laws.

MadDScout says(7:12 PM):
(( Here they(Kurds) point out that although a prestigious position, is not as influential where it concerns influencing the political process. The Kurds want to be a part of central government, they just want more say in it. ))

MadDScout says(7:12 PM):
Over the past years, and despite the Kurds control of their affairs in the Kurdistan region but they were having difficulty in dealing with Baghdad, especially on controversial issues, and perhaps it would be like the presidency of parliament to achieve them added sovereignty in the capital, while recognizing the difficulty that they are demanding secession from Baghdad.
MadDScout says(7:13 PM):
side note to those asking about elections
MadDScout says(7:13 PM):
Small piece about Barzani and the referendum

MadDScout says(7:13 PM):
Barzani also admits: The referendum is to tell the world what the Kurdish people want

MadDScout says(7:13 PM):
For Thursday, 20 April

Follow-up 11: After the visit of the German Foreign Minister to the Kurdistan Region and his meeting with Massoud Barzani, the two held a press conference in which Barzani spoke of what has been the conversation between the parties. According to Barzani, he spoke with the German Foreign Minister about the referendum and was told that the referendum is to tell the world what the Kurdish people want and that they will deal with the issue of the referendum peacefully and is in the interest of the Kurds and the Arabs and the peoples of the region.
MadDScout says(7:14 PM):
(( This referendum, according to Barzani, is to let the world know how the Kurds feel or where they stand on independence not for gaining independence itself ))

MadDScout says(7:14 PM):
Barzani said those who criticized the referendum said they had not met the referendum well. Non-Kurdish forces have expressed their fears that the referendum for independence is not that the leaders of the Barzani party and the delegation that visited Baghdad assured everyone that the referendum is not for independence but to know the opinion of the Kurdish people and to communicate this opinion to the world.

The German Foreign Minister for his part spoke about what happened between him and Barzani from an interview and said that he discussed with the issue of freezing the regional parliament and relations between the Kurdish political forces, which Barzani did not talk about. While Barzani spoke about his request from Germany to include military support for them.
MadDScout says(7:14 PM):

larrykn says(7:15 PM):
does anyone have any questions
MadDScout says(7:16 PM):
Thanks to Romello for this next one
MadDScout says(7:16 PM):

Jubouri German Foreign Minister: Iraq on the verge of a new phase after the disposal of Daesh
History of edits:: 2017/4/19 15:43

House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri said that Iraq is on the verge of a new phase after the disposal of Daesh and the need for the international community with him, in what was considered German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said community reconciliation after Daesh guerrilla terrorist stage an important step will achieve stability in Iraq .
larrykn says(7:16 PM):
sure sounds like the Kurds don't want independence but to me apart of the govenment, sounds good to me
MadDScout says to larrykn(7:16 PM):
That is what I am getting
MadDScout says to larrykn(7:17 PM):
the younger crowd are leaning into the central government not away
MadDScout says to larrykn(7:17 PM):
I don't see a mad dash to independence except by Barzani
MadDScout says to larrykn(7:17 PM):
For politically motivated reasons
MadDScout says to larrykn(7:18 PM):
not people related
MadDScout says(7:18 PM):
The statement by the Office Jubouri received by all of Iraq [where] copy of it on the "Jubouri today received German Foreign Minister and the accompanying delegation and discussed the main developments of the security and political scenes in Iraq and the region, and victories achieved ISF against Daesh gangs, and means of coordination and cooperation Iraq and the international community to increase support for military and humanitarian and Agathia. "

Jubouri , according to the statement on " the importance of continuing international support for Iraq , particularly with regard to the return of displaced persons and the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism, and the role of Germany within the great international coalition in support of Iraq."
MadDScout says(7:18 PM):
He noted that "relations between Iraq and Germany , with a distinct phase must exploit all the opportunities to increase bilateral cooperation in all fields, and that the Council of Representatives supportive of all that would expand cooperation frameworks between the two countries."

He noted Jubouri that " the Council of Representatives continuing legislation of important laws which are reflected on the daily lives of citizens."
MadDScout says(7:19 PM):
For his part, German Foreign Minister , according to the statement , "his country 's keenness on continuing support for Iraq in its war against terrorism, and the importance of expanding the horizons of joint cooperation to achieve the interests of the two friendly peoples."

And that " the challenges that Iraq is facing great and need concerted all internal and external efforts to overcome them."

He pointed out that " the Iraqi parliament is a large and important and fruitful work , especially in light of the diversity that exists in the country."
MadDScout says(7:19 PM):

Apr 20, 2017, 12:20 pm

Cairo (Reuters): Iraq may seek to be exempt from a deal between oil exporters to reduce global supply in order to support crude prices and ask to boost its own output, the leader of the nation’s Shi’ite ruling coalition Ammar al-Hakim told Reuters.

OPEC is due to meet in May to decide on an extension of supply curbs decided late last year to lift prices.

suprkat says(7:20 PM):
Speaking in Cairo, Hakim cautioned that Baghdad could ask to be exempted from taking part in the supply curbs as the nation needed its oil income to fight Islamic State.

“Given these sensitive circumstances, it is the right of Iraq to hope for an exemption by the other OPEC member states and have an opportunity to increase its production,” Hakim, an influential cleric, said in an interview late on Wednesday. “But we are with the principle of reducing the overall OPEC supply to lift prices.”

Hakim is the president of the National Alliance, a coalition of the main Shi’ite political groups including Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s Dawa party. The Shi’ite community forms a majority in Iraq.

suprkat says(7:20 PM):
Iraq is OPEC’s second-largest producer, after Saudi Arabia, with an output of 4.464 million barrels per day (bpd) in March, a reduction of more than 300,000 bpd on levels before OPEC cuts were implemented from Jan. 1.

Baghdad reluctantly agreed to take part in the current agreement to restrain output. Hakim was one of the Iraqi leaders whom OPEC Secretary Mohammed Barkindo met while on visit to Baghdad in October when trying to broker a deal.

suprkat says(7:22 PM):
This is something Iraq has sought since the OPEC reduction deal was struck late last year. As we have seen from previous articles within the forum, Hakim has played a huge role in not only brokering this deal, but many others both outside of and inside Iraq. Remember, he has gone outside of Iraq with the National Reconciliation. Iraq has always used its war with ISIS to garner major support outside of Iraq.

With this proposal, don’t be surprised if OPEC and its
members give into this request to a certain extent. While we see major support in military operations and the funding for the IDPs within Iraq – make no mistake, the GOI has lost a lot of momentum for its reforms and monies.

suprkat says(7:22 PM):
If this agreement is approved, let's hope Iraq will use the money wisely and push its reforms to get the coffers back up to operating standards. The pressure will be immense on the GOI once ISIS is removed from Mosul and the hotspots that will rise up after liberation is completed.
Basically – the GOI has run out of excuses. They must do the right thing or lose world-wide credibility.

MadDScout says(7:23 PM):
Right on sister!
suprkat says to MadDScout(7:23 PM):
MadDScout says(7:23 PM):
Do we have comments ??'s or the like?
MadDScout says(7:24 PM):
We would like to thank you all for being with us tonight and I hope it did not move to fast for you all.
MadDScout says(7:25 PM):
Was an ambitious news night on our part
suprkat says(7:25 PM):
It was great having you all join in with us!!
Okie Dinar says(7:25 PM):
Thank you MadDScout, Suprkat and Larry!! Awesome newstime!!
goblio says(7:25 PM):
As long as Iran does not also sneak in a little extra production. (Of course, the U.S. will probably pump up the volume, if no one is looking...)
MadDScout says(7:25 PM):
So much good news the problem is what to cut from the newstime lineup

MadDScout says to Okie Dinar(7:25 PM):
Thank you
larrykn says to MadDScout(7:25 PM):
Lots of great news coming out these days, time to get excited
MadDScout says to larrykn(7:26 PM):
Indeed Larry
Mrs BGG says to MadDScout(7:26 PM):
Thank you & Suprkat & Larry!!
MadDScout says to larrykn(7:26 PM):
Mind blowing when we think of the old days