Barzani also admits: The referendum is to tell the world what the Kurdish people want

For Thursday, 20 April

Follow-up 11: After the visit of the German Foreign Minister to the Kurdistan Region and his meeting with Massoud Barzani, the two held a press conference in which Barzani spoke of what has been the conversation between the parties. According to Barzani, he spoke with the German Foreign Minister about the referendum and was told that the referendum is to tell the world what the Kurdish people want and that they will deal with the issue of the referendum peacefully and is in the interest of the Kurds and the Arabs and the peoples of the region.

Barzani said those who criticized the referendum said they had not met the referendum well. Non-Kurdish forces have expressed their fears that the referendum for independence is not that the leaders of the Barzani party and the delegation that visited Baghdad assured everyone that the referendum is not for independence but to know the opinion of the Kurdish people and to communicate this opinion to the world.

The German Foreign Minister for his part spoke about what happened between him and Barzani from an interview and said that he discussed with the issue of freezing the regional parliament and relations between the Kurdish political forces, which Barzani did not talk about. While Barzani spoke about his request from Germany to include military support for them.