Jubouri German Foreign Minister: Iraq on the verge of a new phase after the disposal of Daesh
History of edits:: 2017/4/19
House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri said that Iraq is on the verge of a new phase after the disposal of Daesh and the need for the international community with him, in what was considered German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said community reconciliation after Daesh guerrilla terrorist stage an important step will achieve stability in Iraq .
The statement by the Office Jubouri received by all of Iraq [where] copy of it on the "Jubouri today received German Foreign Minister and the accompanying delegation and discussed the main developments of the security and political scenes in Iraq and the region, and victories achieved ISF against Daesh gangs, and means of coordination and cooperation Iraq and the international community to increase support for military and humanitarian and Agathia. "
Jubouri , according to the statement on " the importance of continuing international support for Iraq , particularly with regard to the return of displaced persons and the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism, and the role of Germany within the great international coalition in support of Iraq."
He noted that "relations between Iraq and Germany , with a distinct phase must exploit all the opportunities to increase bilateral cooperation in all fields, and that the Council of Representatives supportive of all that would expand cooperation frameworks between the two countries."
He noted Jubouri that " the Council of Representatives continuing legislation of important laws which are reflected on the daily lives of citizens."
For his part, German Foreign Minister , according to the statement , "his country 's keenness on continuing support for Iraq in its war against terrorism, and the importance of expanding the horizons of joint cooperation to achieve the interests of the two friendly peoples."
And that " the challenges that Iraq is facing great and need concerted all internal and external efforts to overcome them."
He pointed out that " the Iraqi parliament is a large and important and fruitful work , especially in light of the diversity that exists in the country."