Electricity pledged to gas stations Nasiriyah and Samawah to General Electric

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The energy file in Iraq is still preoccupied with many people, whether they are specialists or citizens.

The Ministry of Electricity announces from time to time the signing of contracts for the establishment of power plants with international companies in a solid and sophisticated manner in order to improve the performance of the electricity sector, The national and moral duty is the need to rationalize the use of energy and not to bypass the electrical grid to ensure its sustainability and walk in line with the attempts of the ministry to raise the efficiency of the sector and control the rumors in the electrical power, which amounted to more than 60% of the production system.

After the experience with it at the station Besmaya giant, which previously described as successful for the provision of high energy power may cover the next year the need of the capital Baghdad, which, according to the Ministry of Electricity now on the spokesman for the US General Electric Company operations at the stations of Dhi Qar and Samawa gas, which Will enter the system of control and control of distribution stations through the Internet, noting that the two stations will enter the service 1000 MW before the summer of 2018, and provide 3000 thousand jobs for the children of the two provinces.

Ministry of Electricity spokesman Musab al-Mudar said in an interview that "the ministry has two contracts with General Electric Company, the first to establish Nasiriyah gas station, which consists of four units. The project was agreed upon under a contract signed at the end of 2008.

And the second to add four more units to the Samawa gas station of the ministry also He says: We were equipped units in time, the fifty-six units were built in 22 locations in several provinces, while delayed work in two locations in Nasiriyah and Samawa because of a problem with the Indian company executing the station Nasiriyah gas has been to terminate the contract of Indian company executing.

The teacher confirms that the value of the contracts with GE is one billion and one hundred million dinars forward payment, where a loan was obtained by the company with payment periods of 7 to 15 years.

Under the two contracts, the company is building the four units in each location and add two units to each station, in the sense that the capacity of units 5 thousand megawatts added to it and two units of 250 MW capacity to produce the plant 750 MW in Nasiriyah and 750 MW in Samawah, adding to the electrical system 1500 MW .

The company has started its work for some time, and we hope to enter the first 1000 MW in service before the summer of 2018, and then enter the other 500 MW before the summer of 2019.

The teacher adds: This project will benefit another, it will be at each station running 1500 of the people of the province, which means ensuring the operation of 3000 of the people of the two provinces, and confirmed that GE: a world known for its strength and has concluded many contracts with the Ministry of Electricity were all successful,

We have introduced a system of control and control of distribution stations, although we have a wide and sophisticated communication system in the ministry, but we seek to develop them as science and technology develops, to control the distribution process remotely, but we have a problem is the existence of excesses that occur from the southern provinces during peak load periods, Outside The ministry's control, which forces us to extinguish the stations remotely, although the ministry turned to control the energy in the involvement of the private sector with the work of the Ministry of Electricity has concluded many contracts with him within the city of Baghdad and other provinces are service contracts and collection and maintenance through which we will end the rumors that reached more than 60% of the production system.

President of GE Digital Industries in the Middle East and North Africa Bahano Shikar, says that General Electric will implement the Samawah and Dhi Qar power plants with a capacity of 1500 MW to the Iraqi National Grid and will install four gas turbines in each stage during Phase I Of the project to be completed in 2018.

The second phase includes the conversion of the power station to the combined cycle, the provision of the latest steam recovery generators and steam turbines, and the company will be the engineering, procurement and construction contractor for the project.

"We have a control system for more than 80 turbines to control electrical power. We provide the ministry with information about these turbines on the efficiency of working up and down. We also have a 24-hour staff and contact the company's center," he said.

And there is coordination with the ministry to arrange these devices in the distribution of the universe. Iraqi electrical grid b A lot of problems, and this system we can figure out where the problem is to be addressed later.

"GE has always been a trusted partner in Iraq, and the new agreements reflect our ongoing commitment to providing state-of-the-art technology solutions to enhance the capacity of the national grid. We are working with public and private stakeholders in several areas, And financial consulting, to work together to establish a strong infrastructure for the electricity sector in Iraq, and in light of growing demand for electricity resources on an annual basis to meet the needs of residential and industrial, there is a need to adopt a transformative approach based on new projects and "These contracts reaffirm our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions covering all aspects of the energy sector."

Earlier, the Ministry of Electricity had entered into an agreement to build a giant power plant in Baghdad, the capacity after completion will be 3000 MW, which expires at the end of 2018, and will devote most of its production to feed the capital. The company also established projects in the Kurdistan region, where the power stations of Arbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dahuk provided advanced equipment to Mas Group Energy, which has a combined generating capacity of up to 4,000 MW.