Calls to resolve the overdue laws
Baghdad / Al- Sabah called on the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi, parliamentary committees to resolve the overdue laws of interest to the community, stressing its readiness to overcome the obstacles facing the work of the committees. A statement of the Information Office of the Parliament, received the "morning", that "Hamoudi presided over sporadic meetings with financial, legal, economic, investment, deportees and displaced persons and the integrity of parliamentary committees, to follow up on legislative performance and monitoring them and to discuss the completion of the necessary existing laws have". The statement added that " a member of the Presidency examined with the heads and members of the parliamentary committees, during his sporadic each, a number of projects and proposals of laws and ways to enhance the sustainability and effectiveness of the work in," stressing " the need to speed up the required actions to enact important legislation during the current semester." He urged Hammoudi, according to the statement, " the relevant committees to coordinate with the executive branch in resolving some of the relevant legislation, and the importance of reaching a final agreement on the government objection to the paragraphs of the federal budget for the year 2017 , " noting "the need to focus on the principle of terms of reference of the committees in regards to the legislative side , expressing his willingness to overcome the obstacles facing their work. "