Anbar is looking to cooperate with the world's best companies

4/18/2017 0:00

Baghdad / morning
continuous movement by the Anbar Investment Commission and the branch of the Union of businessmen to maintain in order to choose the means of the reconstruction of the affected areas and the advancement of the family economy in areas liberated from the grip of terrorism {Aldaasha}. Mahdi Saleh Al Noman , Chairman of Al - Anbar Investment Commission said during the gathering body meeting of the businessmen union in the province , the need for concerted efforts by all sides poured efforts in Bodqp work after the editing stage, pointing to the importance of communicating with all the economic and professional activities in order to effectively contribute to the real and in the reconstruction.

Industrial sites
vice president of business Anbar branch of the Union of Ghazi Sami al between the need for rapid and hard work in the re - opening of roads and facilitate access to the destructive industrial sites in order to re - run to eliminate unemployment and revive the economic reality, pointing out that the process of reconstruction not done properly and promising without finding a new mechanism for mobility and facilitate the entry of vehicles and technicians to those industrial projects in coordination between government bodies in the province and the security authorities detent for the land and inventory that most looted deterring or destroyed by the evil forces of terrorism that cost their owners millions Atara .

Investment attraction
secretary general business Anbar branch of the Union of Mahmoud Mehdi Hassoun said that the branch of Union investment attraction for major international companies to work in the province plan was the first of the global 3RD.GROUP company expressed through its representative in the United Arab Emirates to contribute to the reconstruction in the province, in the areas of construction hospitals, roads, bridges , residential complexes , horizontal, universities and educational complexes, and noted that the Union in Anbar will direct calls for major Arab and international investment companies and through their representatives registered in our branch in order to come to the province and to provide technical and commercial bids Its

so organized a technical meeting in Anbar province , the building included Eng Khalil Ismail Ali representative of the 3rd company group consultancy Engineering LLC 3G and Director of the projects registered in the United States and its branches in the United Arab Emirates and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Saudi Arabia and he stressed the importance of attracting the audience discreet international companies in order to contribute to the reconstruction and construction appraisers the role of the companies attending to contribute to the reconstruction of the province.

The company completed giant projects to calculate the US space agency NASA (NASA) according to the latest international standards in engineering consulting or construction and processing. The company also specializes in infrastructure, roads, bridges, hospitals , residential complexes, universities , horizontal industrial and urban areas.

World - class
member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Hadi Hndas stressed the importance of cooperation with specialized international companies for their role in the implementation of the quality of world - class projects and during the assignment periods fixed in the decision of the assignment.

He noted that such companies operate according to international controls and specializes in a particular area without the other and assume all responsibilities because executing projects represent a reputation around the world, which makes them implement projects to suit the need for Iraq.

He said Iraq 's dire need to cooperate with such companies at present, especially in the liberated areas.