Financial adviser to Abadi: The establishment of a maritime channel will form an important economic artery for Iraq

2017/04/17 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 211 - Number (3904)

Baghdad / Range

The financial adviser to the prime minister, Mohamed Saleh, has written in this regard that the theories of water transport costs consider water transport to be the least expensive. Compared to air transport, land transport and even railway transport. Therefore, the application of this channel will constitute a vital economic and strategic artery for Iraq if managed well.

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an exclusive interview (range), and the channel will have multiple uses of sea water, including distillation when needed or the speed of injection of oil wells for the purpose of raising the production capacity of the oil fields, as well as breeding a large fish wealth, : But the economic calculations of all economic operations should be taken into account in this channel, and what is the least expensive compared to air transport, land transport and even rail transport. Therefore, the implementation of this channel will constitute an important economic artery for the country.

The report of the extent focused on the idea put forward by former Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in an article in 2015, which is the division of a sea channel extending from the Gulf to Baghdad on the edge of the Sahara, calling for discussion, especially as it is not impossible if it is funded by subscription and stages ,

A project if applied according to the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary will contribute to the development and move the wheel of the economy of the country and adds to the treasury of the state of large financial returns, as experts on the economic issue that the establishment of such a project will reflect on the overall economy, whether open to the world economically and the operation of thousands of labor or activate biolo D non-oil, stressing that with a canal freely overlooking the bay at the time of need and substantial funds to the government's determination and insistence on its implementation.