Transport Minister to discuss with parliamentary economy create "International Airport" in Anbar

2017-04-17 at 16:05

Baghdad the balance of news

Transport Minister Kazim Cup Erythema with parliamentary economy Committee Monday, an international airport in Anbar, while the Committee commended the achievements.

According to a statement by the Ministry received/balance of news/copy, the Commission met with Erythema "economy and investment of Parliamentary Deputy fares and Charter hamedi", stating that "discussed an international airport in Anbar province."

Erythema, suggested by the statement, "creating a watery runway runway style water transport Ministry will oversee the Dokan dam," pointing out that "will convert part of Habbaniyah international airport base in Anbar province."

The delegation praised the Committee for economy and investment, "the Transport Ministry's efforts in ages and create new airports in various provinces of Iraq," adding that "these achievements are a major step to improve the country's transport reality."

Transport Minister put, earlier, the cornerstone of civil and Kut Airport opened international airport in Nasiriyah and that would contribute to the revitalization of economically conservative over tourism