The Baghdad Council: corruption dominates the civil generators


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The Baghdad provincial Council, announced Monday, to file civil and governmental generators deployed in Iraq dominated by financial and administrative corruption, asserting that the owners of generators more opponents to draft privatization of electricity.

And he said The Chairman of the Committee on energy in the Baghdad provincial Council, Mushtaq Kaur "economy" news "spiky and complex power file and the Council cannot carry alone, especially after the failure of the Ministry of electricity to provide power to the citizens."

"Most of the Government, don't abide by local government-mandated pricing", adding that "the generator file contains very large corruption operations as a result of kerosene quota."

He noted that "the owners of generators in electricity investment file civil national opposed or at least maintained and continued," stressing that "MEW I thought for the first time with new solution to end the crisis through its orientation towards investment in electrical energy.