Mesopotamia: will stop promoting staff transactions to get his predecessor when repeating their names.

2017-04-15 at 10:11

Baghdad scales news

Rafidain Bank, said Saturday it will stop promoting personnel transactions for advance payment in case of repetition of their names.

The Bank's information Office said in a statement/balance of news copy, that "the names of the employees applicants for 10 advance salaries from various ministries and State institutions, subject to an intersection of information for the purpose of ascertaining and ensuring employees ' names are not repeated."

The statement added that "Bank student ministries and State institutions address a letter to branches containing nominations of candidates files attached with staff", stating that "the branches will send these names to the General management of the Bank."

He noted that "not promote transactions only after receiving a book of public administration confirms no repetition of names, adding that branches are supporting health book from the Ministry or department concerned."