The idea of ​​Gulf channel - Baghdad maritime .. Why not implement it?
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Thread: The idea of ​​Gulf channel - Baghdad maritime .. Why not implement it?

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    The idea of ​​Gulf channel - Baghdad maritime .. Why not implement it?

    The idea of ​​Gulf channel - Baghdad maritime .. Why not implement it?

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    In 2015, the former Minister of Oil, Adel Abdul Mahdi, in an article his idea of ​​creating a sea channel extending from the Gulf to Baghdad on the edge of the Sahara, calling for discussion, especially as it is not impossible if it was funded by subscription and stages,

    The economy and parliamentary investment will contribute to the development and move the wheel of the economy of the country and adds to the treasury of the state of large financial returns, as experts see the economic situation that the establishment of such a project will be reflected on the overall economy, whether open to the world economically and the employment of thousands of manpower or activation of non-oil resources, Channel Freely overlooking the Gulf at a time that needs substantial funds and government determination and determination to implement them.

    Abdul-Mahdi said in his vision to open the channel that Baghdad rises from the sea 32 meters, and the Gulf is 550-600 kilometers, and the separation of a channel with a width of 150-200 meters and 22-22 meters (maximum depth of drilling may not exceed 50 meters) is not impossible geometrically The canal can be connected to the deep waters of the Gulf, to the direction of Basra, the southern desert, and pass through Dhi Qar, Muthana, Qadisiyah, Najaf and Anbar.

    The land is sandy and flat and these depths may not threaten groundwater.
    He also cites similar projects in other countries, including the Suez Canal with axes and shovels, and today it is one of the headlines of Greater Egypt, in addition to the idea of ​​digging Taha channel in the region and Saudi Arabia, which links the Gulf to the Red Sea, and even some said it was impossible but possible to investigate.

    Saudi Arabia recently completed the procedural steps to study the Marine Canal project, which links the Arabian Gulf through the Kingdom, to the Arabian Sea, to circumvent the Strait of Hormuz, enabling the Kingdom to transport its oil through this largest industrial waterway in the world's largest industrial waterways.

    Minister of Water Resources Hasan al-Janabi described the idea in one of his tweets on his Facebook page recently, in a proactive, intelligent and practical manner. He pointed out that Adel Abdul Mahdi is a great economic mentor and his views are looking forward to the future with amazing intelligence.

    He discussed desalination issues for drinking in the southern cities As well as the idea of ​​creating a large navigational channel between the Gulf and the Sea of ​​Najaf, and the idea of ​​the navigation channel, which is associated with the project of the National Green Belt, which contribute to stop the march of the desert and protect the fertility of Mesopotamia.

    A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib believes that for its part, Iraq desperately need to be open in trade and in building economic relations on all countries and multiple ports, whether air or land, in order to reach the most important goal is to develop and move the economy of the country , Pointing out: At the same time to, that any port is created or developed as a sea channel channel overlooking the Gulf or the creation of other land ports all this would have a significant economic financial returns to provide the state treasury with funds.

    Najib said in an interview with "(of the extent) that the idea of ​​creating a navigational channel up to the Gulf is good and important, especially since the strength of countries lies in the strength of economic relations and their effectiveness in managing their economic affairs in the right manner and their ability to open outlets to other countries, The government should take the necessary steps and measures and seriously consider implementing the project of this canal, which will undoubtedly become an important maritime outlet for Iraq, especially as we are in the stage of increasing non-oil revenues and building a strong economy and activating the agricultural and other industrial sectors.

    Therefore, we call on the government to allocate funds for the implementation of such projects. , And Be in the priorities of its work to implement plans for vital projects and important as the establishment of this channel or other outlets.

    "The idea of ​​creating a large navigational channel between the Gulf and the Sea of ​​Najaf is a great project, and what can be added to another project is the dry canal, which has been implemented some projects related to it since the period , But the extension of the navigation channel needs large costs and efforts are difficult to implement in light of the delay of thousands of projects less than them, so the implementation of such an important project and needs a greater national effort than Egypt did in the opening of the Suez Canal recently.

    Ali pointed out that the channel extending from Baghdad and the southern provinces to the Sea of ​​Najaf, adding to it the construction of a dry port in Najaf, through the creation of logistical cities and rail lines and land lines linking Najaf neighboring countries is something the government must work to achieve with determination and determination, because the activation of this project can Has to be reflected on the overall economy of the country from the opening to the world economically and the employment of thousands of labor to consolidate the oil resources on which the country depends on the basis.

    He added that the channel has many benefits, including that it will contribute to reducing the temperature and increase humidity and rain and reduce dust, and the revival of land and agricultural and industrial projects all need to water, which will increase scarcity in the future, The project also places many of the basic cities of Iraq in direct connection to the sea for transport, trade and tourism, providing Iraq with giant berths and ports, in addition to providing huge fish wealth.

    The project also helps the oil sector both for export and import or to benefit from seawater, The project can also be a substitute for many projects of the Ministry of Transport, Water Resources, Agriculture, Industry, Electricity and Oil.

    In a related context, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanai said on April 9, 2016, that Moscow and Tehran are currently in talks on the drilling of a shipping channel linking the Caspian Sea and the Arabian Gulf, the "North-South" transport corridor, which will pass part of it along the coast West of the Caspian Sea from Russia to Iran via the Azerbaijani territories. "

    The issue of water is one of the most serious issues that will besiege Iraq more and more, especially as the prevailing approach is to continue to demand that Turkey, Iran and Syria release more water, a work we have done over the past decades. "We have to continue to cooperate with our neighbors, but we need serious actions to ensure our future, especially south of the 100-mm line of rain, which some see as the beginning of the desert line, which crosses the Euphrates south of Deir al-Zour in Syria to the south-east to Baghdad, Passing through the Black to the Gulf.

    Iraq is suffering from the problem of the shallow depths of its sole and narrow sea port. In 2004, it launched the Large Port of Iraq project, approved by the Economic Committee at the time, which is based on the construction of a peninsula connected to the Iraqi land, extending 32 kilometers to reach the deep waters (22-28) Meters, is the other so far has not seen the light.

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