Deputy for Law: Maliki will run for the presidency of the National Alliance to succeed Hakim
[Oan- Baghdad]
revealed deputy for the coalition of state law, about the intention of the President of the Coalition Nuri al - Maliki, his candidacy for the presidency of the alliance
Radi said the Messenger in a press statement on Thursday that al - Maliki "is a personal candidate for the presidency of the National Alliance after Mr. Ammar al - Hakim, being headed by a coalition of state law , which is the largest bloc within the coalition
Radi said that " the National Alliance will choose in the first of the next month of July a new figure in the failure of the wise presidency of the coalition," pointing out that " the presidency is a coalition patrol includes the heads of all affiliated to the blocs."
He pointed out that al - Maliki "is a personal presidential candidate to succeed Hakim National Alliance, after the agreement during the first meeting of the alliance that the presidency will be the largest of the bloc's share he said.
The head of the National Alliance , Ammar al - Hakim called yesterday, coalition leaders to begin the procedures for selecting the next presidency of the alliance from now his successor
The, the leadership of the National Alliance chose last September, al - Hakim, head of the alliance.