Jordan Announces Iraq goods exempt of customs tax


-Economy Baghdad:

Jordanian industry Minister Yarub qudah, his Government agreed with Iraqi counterparts on Jordanian products exempt from customs duties, stressing that Iraq would open the border post at port within the next three months, adding that Jordanian exports to Iraq fell from $1.2 billion to $451 million.

The judges said during a panel discussion at the Jordanian businessmen Association, and viewed "economy", "Jordanian factories that have the desire to export Iraqi market by speeding up the supply of productive energy industry Ministry to send to the Iraqi authorities for exemption from customs duties," adding that "the draft Iraqi oil pipeline to the port of Aqaba is one of the important strategic projects which will provide the needs of the Kingdom's oil and make the port of Aqaba as President of Iraq's oil export source, which hopefully will it create Job opportunities for individuals and businesses and the construction sector.

He stressed that "Jordan live difficult economic status by region with the decline in exports, especially to the Iraqi market, falling from 900 million dinars (1.2 billion dollars) in 2014 to about 320 million ($ 451 million) last year, stating that he" expected the opening post in the next three months, especially after the signing of the Iraqi authorities finally agreement with a specialized company to secure and protect the international border road to Baghdad. "