Integrity: 19 a call for State officials on corruption charges background

Since 2017-04-13 at 12:42

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Hassan Al-yassiri, the head of the integrity Commission, Thursday, 19, 000 issued a call to State officials in various positions.

Yassiri said at a conference held in Najaf is sponsored by Dewan Shiite Waqf, "most of them were involved in the corrupted files found behind a clear party support, saying" thousands of calls from the Board to the general managers and agents of the Prime Minister and Ministers, directors of departments and employees and parliamentarians. "

The chef said the Shiite Waqf al Mosawi "principle of cooperation in the fight against corrupt and open all the channels to get rid of corruption in the joints of the State".

Musawi said that "administrative and financial corruption in the joints of the Iraqi State gradually shifted over the years to systemic corruption cooperatively."

He added that "there are blocks and totals shown on corruption protects each other and supporting each other to reach their goals in the looting of the wealth and resources of the country and to protect themselves legally.

Mussawi said should "meet to find a solution and find real tangible fruit realistic way in people's lives to pay damage to this country and its wealth and money and bring interest and benefit to his children."