Opportunities for the advancement of Iraq's economy after a humiliating defeat

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An organization has called for a lot of land in its possession, but it continues to commit acts of genocide. How can it be terminated? And start working in the opposite direction?

The United States and United Nations plans to rebuild Iraq are focused primarily on the southern and western regions of the country, and the neglect of minorities in northern Iraq, especially Christians, who continue to suffer from persistent genocide and persistent discrimination within their own country.

These disadvantaged minorities, including Christians, Yazidis and Turkmen, have lived in northern Iraq for thousands of years. In order to reverse the genocide and make these regions as prosperous as the former and gaining their daily strength again, we need to create a safe area like those in Kurdistan (1991) and Bosnia (1993).

The refugee crisis is exacerbated by the well-intentioned efforts of Governments and charities focused exclusively on emergency relief but rapidly becoming a disaster when physically mature adults who are eager to work to regain their dignity are plunged into a cycle of depression and despair for their inability to provide for their families' .

For this reason, the United Nations says the normal stay in a refugee camp is 17 years old. This is a terrible loss of human life.

However, the establishment of a safe area can provide security and enhance productivity, as in the aftermath of the genocide in Kurdistan and Bosnia.

The consensus among security experts lies in one thing: a coalition of regional forces should be combined with international training and assistance to provide external security.

But unanimity ignores something of some importance: internal security - the policeman in the corner, and the soldier at the checkpoint - must be indigenous. Long-standing discrimination against minorities means that Christians in Qush or Yazidis in Sinjar will not see a member of their group at checkpoints controlling entry and exit from their towns.

Is it unlikely that there will be a guarantee for the future, if people see that people among them can participate in state administrative and security institutions?
That is why we need countries that have sufficient and proven capacity to train police officers abroad, such as Italy and Denmark, to train local police forces and act as observers, and then the reconstruction process can begin seriously.

When that happens, Western businessmen are the best hope to help the returnees make reconstruction a success. Because without the restoration of their previously prosperous economy and the total devastation now, these societies can never flourish again.

Governments should do everything in their power to facilitate private sector transactions that will build the economy from the ground up. Instead of governments being preoccupied with drawing up macroeconomic policies that define the overall framework of economic movement, governments should identify microeconomic assets, including human capacity and capital goods, that investors and entrepreneurs can use in a productive economy.

For example, no government entity surveys displaced families to see what their staff have. Millions of dinars are spent on surveys asking displaced people about their demographics and their past, but there is no information about their skills that can help the investor in his future work.

The foreign aid pool - composed of governments and non-governmental organizations - Only to spare people suffering, not to what they do their suffering. That is why they are not useful in business but if they understand the real needs of the oppressed, if they really listen to them, they will realize that getting a job is part of restoring their dignity.

If the government records and checks these microeconomic assets, from the number of teachers and engineers in the camps, to the number of olive and apple trees that have not been invested because of the genocide, investors can intervene to fill gaps, using these assets to create real value and thus make these oppressed societies Enter into a sustainable development process once again.

This is why the goal is to create a connection between business people in North America and Europe with businessmen in northern Iraq. Use their skills to help Iraqis establish marketing centers to sell their products, transfer technology to improve their regional competitiveness, train and mentor men, and provide them with the expertise of foreign businessmen. When all this is done, foreign businessmen will realize that their bet is in place and that their investment makes projects grow and provide jobs for their neighbors. There is nothing that can be done that would help them right now more than this.

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