An Islamic Bank shares lifted Iraq stock exchange trading volume

Twilight news
7 hours ago
17:01 4/11/2017

Twilight news/bank order caused Iraq's light trading volume raised Muslim Iraq market for securities on Tuesday lertka price index 0.06%.

Market Executive Director said Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam in the press release of twilight news, stock market trading volume reached 9,128,529,232 shares worth 8,959,498,941 dinars, while the price index closed ISX 60 today (674.09) high point (0.06%) About to close at the previous (673.68) points.

Abdel Salam added that the market shares (36) out (98) listed company in the market with the number of companies still stalled by the Securities Commission for non-compliance with financial disclosure regulations (16).

Abdel Salam drew to the number of shares purchased by non-Iraqi investors reached (. 478) million shares worth (864) thousand dinar by implementing (3) deal for three while shares number of shares sold by non-Iraqi investors (175) million shares worth (162) million dinar by implementing (59) deal on the shares (4) companies.

Abd Eslam market today witnessed the implementation is reciprocally purposed to Islamic Bank shares Iraq's light many shares (8) billion shares worth 8 billion dinars true rise in volume and value of trading.L