British Ambassador: Investment Opportunities in Iraq, large

4/11/2017 0:00

Baghdad / Al- Sabah
said the British ambassador to Iraq, Frank Baker, that «British businessmen are aware of the opportunities and incentives to invest in Iraq».

He explained Baker, in a statement received «morning», «I met many British women and businessmen who are aware of the opportunities and incentives to invest in Iraq, during the British export financing organization about doing business seminar in Iraq as part of the annual conference of the Iraqi Council of Business British».

Baker pointed to « the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Minister of Finance Agency Abdul Razak Abdul Jalil Al - Essa to pave the way for a new set of support from the British export infrastructure financing organization in Iraq», pointing out that «this agreement will open the door for further economic cooperation between
our two countries» .

Among the British ambassador said that «one of the ways in which we can take out of this cooperation forward is through the organization of commercial visits to Iraq with the increase in the commercial interests of the United Kingdom», adding that «these visits the commercial teams are currently drawing
attention to them.

But if Iraq will attract real foreign investment, the government will also need to address the problem of corruption. »
Baker , who pointed out that «over the past few years , Iraq had the right to focus on defeating Daesh».

Baker concluded «that the defeat Daesh looming, the Government of Iraq has now begun looking forward to the plans of reconstruction
and reconciliation is now more important than ever that people and politicians come together to work for a strong Iraq and united.»