Change calls for making Basra the economic capital of Iraq

Last updated: 10 April 2017 - 9:43 p

BAGHDAD / The Kurdish Change Bloc announced on Sunday its support for the project of crowning Basra as the economic capital of Iraq and called on the government to grant the province its financial dues from the petrodollar, while a deputy from Basra considered the visit of the Kurdish delegation to deepen national unity.

Kawa Mohammed during a press conference held in the House of Representatives in Basra: "Our visit to Basra, which feeds Iraq with funds came because we believe that this province requires us support as members of the House of Representatives, and we have to contribute to improve their service conditions by demanding the implementation of vital projects," noting That "mass of change "We call for granting Basra and the rest of the oil-producing provinces their financial dues from petrodollars to be able to complete service projects.

We also support the draft law to make Basra an economic capital for Iraq." Mohammed said that "the message we carry to the people of Basra is a message of love and affection, During the visit strengthen the national unity and bridging the gap between all components of the Iraqi people from the far south to the far north.

"The head of the bloc that" our visit to Basra has nothing to do with the differences between the region and Baghdad, and stress that these differences must be resolved through dialogue because it is the most appropriate solution, The current estrangement is Led to negative results reflected on the lives of citizens in the region, "adding that" the bloc of change aspires to play a role in the convergence of views.

"For his part, said the deputy Basra Hassan Khalati during the conference that" the Kurdish parliamentary delegation's visit to the province of non-importance A few, "explaining that" the visit launches a positive message in light of political convulsions and tensions, and that the presence of the delegation on the land of Basra contributes to the strengthening of belonging to Iraq, and the expression of belonging to the identity of the mother through belonging to the same homeland, there is no difference between Basra and Erbil, Belong to Iraq. "