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2017.04.10 - 2:29 pm

Minister of Interior (Qasim Araji): Leading the battle of "correction" and the restoration of "prestige" Ministry of the Interior! But will he succeed?

By: Samir Obaid - Strategic and security expert

I am one of the observers and observers for the work of the Ministry of the Interior in Iraq, at least during the past five years. So that I knew a lot of political, security and tactical files.

I knew how the ministry was run, and I knew where the mafia of corruption was nesting and why?

, And even knew the number of corrupt commanders and officers. As I knew the good quantity of commanders, commanders, national leaders, honest and persevering. She knew the secret of the political struggle against the Interior Ministry. The Ministry of the Interior has a huge reservoir of electoral votes, a huge budget, and enormous resources and resources.

Those who do not know the Ministry of the Interior at the time of the former regime with a strength of 60 thousand associate "policeman, sergeant and officer", and distributed in only six directorates. It has the tremendous ability to control the system and maintain the internal front, and the development of civil peace in security and peace. This is due to the implementation of the law, the existence of management and control, and the presence of real follow-up with the insistence on military control and development of the community relationship! .. And no one interfered or one of the work of the Ministry of the Interior being a specialized sovereign ministry !!

But after the fall of the regime and the occupation of Iraq in 2003, the ministry has become "almost one million members" ... sometimes increasing and sometimes less. And in dozens of general and sub-districts and overlapping. They have even fought battles and have fronts


But the reason for the slowness, problems and aging of the ministry are the following reasons:

1. The Ministry of the Interior of the officers and commanders of the Iraqi army, who have certainly trained in other training and studied other sciences, namely military sciences and not policing and social sciences. And that some of them have succeeded and succeeded in the Ministry of the Interior and the other section has become a burden on them.

2. Churning the ministry and making it a repository of electoral votes, a place to finance the dominant parties. The stock market is a political conflict.

3. Exploitation of "small and quasi-constitutional" bodies on the powers and duties of the Ministry of the Interior without legal justification and without justification of mobilization and the most important operations of Baghdad, and the National Security Adviser, the Office of the Prime Minister as an office, and other .... Which caused the decline of the ministry and the lack of prestige and influence in the decision and attendance!

4. Exploiting the squares and fields of "demographic, geographical, popular and demographic", especially the work and the spread of internal affairs, and the establishment of security, control and control, which must be by the Ministry of the Interior .. And so ... the sections of the army and the national security and militias and parties and Baghdad operations dominated by the Ministry of Interior In the tail of its attention !! It is a great excesses and the violation of premeditation to the Ministry of the Interior.

5. Exploiting the pieces of "army, national security, Baghdad operations, and other formations" on the staff and officers of the Ministry of the Interior in the checkpoints and ports and airports in the communities .. Etc .. Make the Ministry of the Interior retreating within the hearts of its officers and Mtasabha, and make them deficient to consider the Iraqi citizen ... Public use of the rights and duties of the Ministry of Interior. So that he became an apprentice to the inner strange among these and very weak

6. The view taken by the citizen and the people about the Ministry of the Interior as a "politicized" ministry that violated many of its work and relations with people and caused by some ministers who came with political agendas and temperament and personality, they took care of politics, commissions and transactions and relations at the expense of the core and real work of the ministry.

7. Loss of the efforts of the Ministry of the Interior to become (Kalmsk: eaten cursed) and why the failure of flags within the Ministry of the Interior. So that he was not led by a faithful and watchful craftsman. It was, and still is, flags of demagoguery and populism, not social security flags, figures, statistics, credibility, transparency and poll. Most of those who took this position left the media to develop personal and political relations and to appear in the flags of others. So that the battalions of the ministry fight valiantly and give martyrs and wounded in all fields. However, there is no interest in the role of the Ministry of the Interior because of the infuriating ministers who came to it with partisan and personal views. Due to the weakness of the ministry's media, and because of the ministers 'satisfaction with other media outlets' disregard for the rights and sacrifices of the Ministry of the Interior. National, Baghdad operations and others).

8. Absence of the competent and courageous advisors in advising the ministers near the ministry. The lack of professionalism in the media, strategy and the drawing of changing plans. The absence of continuous monitoring of the departments and their departments in Baghdad and the governorates. And the weakness of transparent and professional inspection committees.

9. The weakness of the role of (Inspector General) in the ministry so that the Inspectorate, and the affairs of the most corrupt bodies in the ministry. This needs a reformist revolution within the ministry. And be bold and do not compromise people and parties

10. The officers and leaders have been in office for many years without change because they are behind parties, movements and militias, and because they secretly give huge sums to keep them ... because of (corruption) in the Ministry of the Interior. And the reason for jealousy and lack of enthusiasm in the work within the ministry, especially in specialized agencies.

11. The disaster is the politicization of the ministry to the minister who becomes the minister of interior, which destroyed the ministry, so that if the minister comes down, demolish what his predecessor built, and things go back to zero and then grow. For this reason, the ministry did not act with its work, reputation and popularity.

12. Hot phones from the political, religious, social and tribal (and even embassies) cause a difficult work and decisions of the minister and the ministry, and the reason for the survival of the losers and corrupt officials and secret empires. And at the same time was the cause of the injustice of the faithful and honest !!. And impeding work towards reform. Any leader and director who mediates with such authorities shall be punished

13. The lack of military control in the ministry to see the scene of the controls and gatherings strange in the clothing and shaving and rebellion and the non-uniform uniform ... The failure of training and rehabilitation courses because of corruption and nepotism and bribe because there is no observer so that teachers and training courses are happy to open courses (because they open a share of financial By those who do not train and pay !!), but it is not permissible to generalize but it is an existing situation in all governorates and in Baghdad.

14. The rampant injustice in the Ministry of the Interior towards a lot of associates and the direction of some officers and in all fields of the ministry so that there are people looted their rights, and others are wronged in their duties and holidays, and others have rights and no one helps them. And others have benefits in promotion and promotion and no one thinks of them and in return there are those who crawl and without counting the time in promotions, promotions and deliveries because they are from (VIP). There are families of wounded and martyrs who have not completed their transactions but are subjected to blackmail and harassment of women in many cases and in the collection of the provinces of Iraq and in the ministry itself.

15. There is a slack in the structure of the ministry (ie need to merge some directorates) and get rid of bureaucracy and inflation is not useful ..

16. Building of the Ministry of Interior in (_ Danger) because it was designed to accommodate (601) person ... and designed by a Yugoslavian company. And now have more than this number, which caused technical problems related to public safety in the ministry.

17. Absence of performance monitoring caused many problems with citizens and auditors in the street and in the directorates and departments of the ministry in Baghdad and the provinces, which has caused hatred of the ministry in some cases. There are officers who fight citizens and absent transactions or not so as to rob people financially or sexual harassment !!

18. Also (the opinion body) caused many problems within the ministry when they are partisan and favoritism .. So must be a body of opinion of specialists, and with them advisers to make decisions important and sound.

19 The dominance of relatives and brothers and brothers on the Ministry of the Interior cause the Ministry of reputation is not good and decline at the level of work and performance, and the capacity of the ministry internally, Arab and regional ... ... has been issued moody and repulsive decisions of this dire situation and the ministry lost its reputation and many of its capabilities to Apple has become a front working against the ministry Because of family domination and the domination of relatives and associates !! This is a great challenge for Minister Araji and he has succeeded so far in breaking up these networks, family and party

So much so that the article is not a burden on the minister and the faithful close to him. And so that the subject is not long and boring. (Presumably, we put the treatment .. It exists for us), but this depends on the sincerity of the implementation and the workers!

Minister of Interior is fighting a battle !!

Therefore, the above is not a little bit, but all points are challenges and need administrative battles, organizational and reform, and you need a dedicated spirit and not from the group of owners of the slogan (delete your day and returned to your home) and who are frequent in the Ministry of the Interior.

The Minister of the Interior (Qasim al-Araji), as far as I know, wants to get the ministry out of the situation of politicization and wants to leave a fingerprint to be counted in the ministry's history.

And wants to renew the prestige of the Ministry of the Interior and hear the intervening in the work of the ministry (words of fear) this time to know the limits of powers and away from violating the limits and duties of the Ministry of the Interior (can not be a national security adviser to 35 personally Tamer and lead the Ministry of sovereignty by a million people !!) That the adviser in the Constitution is 35 in person and not (5 thousand) as it is now. It is an argument with Abadi, who claims to be austerity, agitation and reform.

Minister of the Interior (Qasim Araji) leads the battle (lifting injustice) for many officers and associates and even the citizens, a humanitarian issue, national and moral ... ... will bring people closer to the ministry, which is the core of its real work throughout the world ......

And the need for support from the Iraqi people, and from the Security and Defense Committee in the parliament ... because it is the defect (the capital of Baghdad) and the year 14 is full of militarism and the proliferation of heavy weapons, medium and light, and the proliferation of large mechanisms And the deployment of the army and other pieces (see Damascus, which is fighting in 177 front, where there are no tanks, no weapons, no militaries in the streets inside the capital ... as if there is no war, no booby-traps, and everything !!)

It must be self-confidence from the Ministry of Interior and the government to abandon Baghdad from the military to return to normal life, especially as the controls proved their failure, security and social !!

New and innovative security must be provided in Baghdad to return to normal. In this way, the government can send a positive message to the people, the people, and the people of Baghdad province, from Iraqis and guests.

Finally .... Important Disclaimer:

Some Iraqis are "petranes, sectarianists" and new young people who do not know the history of Saddam's regime well. When the bloody and oppressive pursuits against dissidents and Islamists were closed, the Gulf governments closed the sea, desert, airports and borders with the oppressed Iraqis fleeing from Saddam's oppression. In fact, some of the Gulf countries handed them over to Saddam and were executed ....

The Syrian border was subject to the regime's control... It is not for the fugitives and the prosecution of Saddam except for Iran ... and all of them have treated them very badly and others have forced them to do other acts, that is, Iran is not a paradise for the Iraqis.

And therefore resort to Iran is a forced asylum with excellence .. And not my choice Talaqa .. If Iraq was next to America or Britain or Somalia for the income of Iraqis who were flying Saddam's powers ...

It is therefore a shame to accuse people of accusing Iranians or Persians or of being agents. And we have to support the man as long as he wants reform and the restoration of internal prestige and prestige shield for the Iraqi citizen ... ..

By the way, there is no particular interest between me and Araji, or a partisan, political or other relationship. But I support any official who wants to work and be courageous, diligent and successful.