Resume Jordanian exports to the Iraqi market in July

2017-04-10 at 17:30

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Listen as Minister for industry, Commerce and supplies the judges expresses and financial engineer Omar malhas to the demands of the industrial sector in Irbid governorate during the meeting that brought together with representatives of the private sector in the Irbid Chamber of industry today in the presence of a number of officials in the two ministries and the sales and tax and customs services.

The Minister said that efforts to open trade lines with brotherly Iraq afoot list expected by next July to be the border open to trade between the two countries.

He noted the importance of the Iraqi market as a major market in traditional Jordanian industrial product markets, pointing to an agreement was reached involving except for a group of goods the customs export process to stimulate this market.

The judges called on industrialists to provide the Ministry as soon as possible the size of the productive capacity of industries in preparation for taking advantage of customs exemptions pointing out that what the Ministry estimated production volume studies to be handled at a time which will exclude any industry not to implement this requirement.

The judges stressed that the ministries of finance and industry agree that competitive industrial sector and provide appropriate conditions for her red line requires all his protections, citing decisions limiting government purchases of national industry if they provide three commodity producers.