President of the Republic to a delegation from Congress: They are keen on the importance of our relationship with the United States on the basis of common interests

Monday, April 10, 2017

President of the Republic Dr. Fuad Masum received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Monday 10/4/2017 a delegation from the Donors Committee in the US Congress.

At the outset of the meeting, Masoum welcomed the visiting delegation, stressing the importance of meeting and communicating with friends in the United States, in a way that enhances the friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries and serves the common interests in light of the signed agreement.

The President of the Republic, in his speech with the delegation of Congress, Iraq's keenness on the importance of its relationship with the United States based on common interests and mutual respect, pointing out that the war against terrorism is an important aspect and cornerstone contributes to the development and strengthening of relations between the United States and Iraq continues to fight and eliminate With the support of the United States and the International Alliance.

He also stressed that this ongoing war, in which the Iraqis achieved impressive victories, requires more international support for Iraq's efforts, and that what is important now as we approach the liberation of the entire Iraqi soil from the desecration of terrorism is the relentless efforts to eliminate all the educational, social, And this requires the synergy of the efforts of the world and especially the countries of the region with the Iraqi effort.

For his part, members of the delegation praised the great progress made in the war against Da'ash in Iraq and pointed out the importance of these victories in relieving the world of the threat of terrorism.

The delegation expressed its condolences and condolences to Iraq and the families of the martyrs of the war against a supporter of our heroic fighters, children and women, of whom the terrorists have taken human shields.

The Congress delegation stressed the United States' keenness to continue to support the armed forces with various material, weapons and training capabilities, as well as readiness to support the efforts of the Iraqis to get rid of the effects of urging and achieving community reconciliation.

In this regard, the delegation highly commended the vital role played by His Excellency the President in bringing Iraqis together, unifying their words and strengthening the Iraqi national social fabric.