NEWSTIME WITH BGG and Co. – Sunday, April 9, 2017
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Thread: NEWSTIME WITH BGG and Co. – Sunday, April 9, 2017

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    NEWSTIME WITH BGG and Co. – Sunday, April 9, 2017

    BGG says(7:36 PM):
    Big day - to be sure.

    Elilali says(7:37 PM):
    let's see something bare fruit!

    popeye7 says to subgirl(7:37 PM):
    Enormous, Stupendous, Tremendous News..

    Investednow says(7:38 PM):
    can I ask a question or save for later

    BGG says(7:38 PM):
    Well - let's get things going.

    BGG says to Investednow(7:38 PM):
    hang on to that for the moment.

    Investednow says(7:38 PM):
    ok thank you

    [7:38 PM] BGG:
    Mrs BGG - would you mind saying a quick prayer to start us off right??

    [7:38 PM] Mrs BGG:
    Heavenly Father, we come to You by the Blood of Jesus. Thank You for Your amazing Grace, Mercy, & Forgiveness. Hosanna to the Son of David! Thank You Holy Spirit for Your power. Holy Spirit have Your way with us. We love You Jesus & trust You. We continue to pray for those in Syria for protection. We pray for our President and Military that YOu will continue to give them wisdom. Thank You that You that Wisdom and Might are Yours. Thank You for each person here and all those who help and serve. We pray that You will bless each person and their families. We give You all the Glory, Honor & Praise. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    Okie Dinar says to Mrs BGG(7:39 PM):
    Dwsewell1 says(7:39 PM):
    BGG says(7:39 PM):
    jfinny says(7:39 PM):
    Dinarian18324 says(7:39 PM):
    bubbles says(7:39 PM):
    larrykn says to Mrs BGG(7:39 PM):
    David8 says(7:39 PM):
    Amen Praise The Lord
    joyojoy says(7:39 PM):
    Baxter1243 says(7:39 PM):
    Investednow says(7:39 PM):
    prs says(7:39 PM):
    Philidius says(7:39 PM):
    cjquade54 says(7:39 PM):
    Gman says(7:39 PM):
    So be it.
    dcook2 says(7:39 PM):
    magnetlady says(7:39 PM):
    popeye7 says(7:39 PM):
    ABNewsflash says(7:39 PM):
    dale says(7:39 PM):
    wvchsr says(7:39 PM):
    morris says(7:39 PM):
    daytrader says(7:39 PM):
    sassy says(7:39 PM):
    john09 says(7:39 PM):
    jackflash101st says(7:39 PM):
    MadDScout says(7:39 PM):
    Mrs BGG says(7:39 PM):
    Welcome everyone to News Time!!
    speakwell says(7:39 PM):
    dinarmassa says(7:39 PM):
    amen !!1
    pacella says(7:39 PM):
    dinarforme says(7:40 PM):
    cjquade54 says(7:40 PM):
    here in Canada we say Eh men lol

    Mrs BGG says(7:40 PM):
    For anyone new to News Time and those who have been here before Please put a ? if you have a question or comment.

    It makes it easier for the copiers and readers...

    It may take awhile before we get to your question, so if you can have your question ready when we call on you that would be great

    Please wait until we ask for questions...

    News Researchers are welcome to join in on the conversation.

    We are grateful you're here tonight

    Sit back, relax, & enjoy

    Mrs BGG says(7:44 PM):
    Thank you Mods , Copiers , and News Researchers!! We have an amazing DU Team!! And are grateful for everyone who helps and serves!!

    BGG says(7:45 PM):
    Everyone get a chance to see the "Flash Chat Live" we did this afternoon on FB??

    Philidius says(7:45 PM):
    Elilali says(7:45 PM):
    yeahbsolutely.... best article we've seen
    Okie Dinar says(7:45 PM):
    Pablo says(7:45 PM):
    Nope, don't hve facebook.
    MadDScout says(7:45 PM):
    It is "pinned" to top of the Facebook page
    Gman says(7:46 PM):
    Yes. Loved it.
    ABNewsflash says(7:46 PM):
    My jaw dropped when i started reading into it...

    MadDScout says to ABNewsflash(7:46 PM):
    ( y ) Good find

    BGG says(7:46 PM):
    If you missed it - it's on the FB Group - and I posted it to both THE BLOG...

    speakwell says(7:47 PM):
    Great video BGG!

    BGG says(7:47 PM):
    and on THE OBSERVER

    prs says(7:48 PM):
    is the video available outside of facebook?

    paul-o says(7:48 PM):
    What was the jist of it please?

    BGG says to prs(7:48 PM):
    Check the two links above. It's there. Save those as favorites.

    BGG says to prs(7:49 PM):
    check regular. You will be better informed.

    MadDScout says to prs(7:49 PM):

    prs says(7:49 PM):

    MadDScout says(7:49 PM):
    ( y )

    BGG says(7:50 PM):
    Where to start - where to start...??

    I got it...



    chat peeps,

    FaceBook crew

    News Posters

    You guys are sooooooooo appreciated.

    we are thankful

    beachandcountry says(7:51 PM):

    BGG says(7:51 PM):
    for all you all DO

    cjquade54 says(7:51 PM):
    ( y )

    BGG says(7:52 PM):
    Got to be thankful - can't have anything until you are grateful. You won't appreciate enough to keep it.

    speakwell says(7:52 PM):
    ( y )

    BGG says(7:52 PM):
    The BIGGEST article of the day...

    Director of the Issuance Department of the Central Bank: Printed currency volume exceeds 11 billion and 600 million dinars

    (the title is a little weak for the content of the article)...

    the title should have read RV- RV- RV!!

    : D

    Most of the Iraqi Central Bank steps are subject to political and legal environment of the country , especially in regard to the deletion of zeros...

    For everyone listening... this is what you are after - EXACTLY. PERIOD.

    Beeson says(7:55 PM):

    BGG says(7:55 PM):
    it's isn't a removing of the 000 from the notes.

    it isn't a changing of the DECIMAL POINT...

    Mrs BGG says to Beeson(7:55 PM):
    Please hold
    We will let you know when it's time for questions

    BGG says(7:55 PM):
    it isn't a change in the nominal value...

    BGG says(7:56 PM):
    IT'S A CHANGING OF THE REAL VALUE and A BRINGING IN OF THE BIG NOTES... "deleting the big 000 notes from the market place"...

    = RV

    I'll get to more evidence of the same later in this article...

    ...that counted specialists in the earlier trend sensitive and dangerous may still be , but the central remains the most important institution in terms of the need to adjust the financial management in light of the financial crisis experienced by the the Iraqi economy, which must have to deal with dilemmas , whether with regard to the citizen or the work of the central bank itself.

    Questions concerning important files posed (range) in this meeting , the director of the release and the Treasury in the Central Bank Aa’bas behind, and with being answered by briefly he pointed out the most important points that showed that the currency is good for circulation deposited Central has exceeded one billion and a quarter of a million dinars an amount that is not a little if they were compensated by the stored banknotes at the bank , as some believe, at the time between the printed currency size has exceeded the “11 billion and 600 million dinars, he urged citizens on the need not to keep large amounts in homes or buried in the ground , the fact that the process of replacing in the event expose Dt to burn or damage costs the central administrative and financial burdens, stressing that the counterfeit currency rate is still within the internationally accepted borders, with the central quest to carry out an information campaign to educate the public on how to distinguish between the original currency and Almzorh.oicol behind on a question about the possibility of having higher versions of a class (50000 ) dinars?

    Most of this was blah, blah, blah for me...


    2 key take aways from the last paragraph...

    actually 3 key takeaways...

    1) ...he urged citizens on the need not to keep large amounts in homes or buried in the ground...

    This is the CHUNKY MONEY often referred to... if it is there it isn't in the bank and can't be easily converted electronically.

    they want that stuff back. They want things to be electronic and they want to move their market to a global friendly - internationally acceptable format.



    2) next line – No at present intention to issue a higher class category (50000) dinar...

    meaning they have no intent on bringing out any bigger note classes - THEY DON'T NEED IT... value is going the other way...

    3) with the central quest to carry out an information campaign to educate the public on how to distinguish between the original currency and Almzorh.oicol...

    This verbiage is almost WORD FOR WORD that used by Shabibi in DC during his famous Chamber of Commerce Speech


    this is the FINAL STAGE according to Shabibi (back then).

    Next question - (during this interview with CBI official)...

    * What about the subject of the deletion of zeros and the reason for the delay?

    – the decision on the deletion of zeros cannot be taken in isolation from the political and legal environment in the country under conditions the security situation as a result of terrorist acts and exit from the provinces outside the control of the state for the years 2014, 2015, 2016 which prevents certainly to wait in the implementation of this project, in addition to that this must be done in coordination with all state departments and the private sector, where it should be followed by changing the paragraphs contained in the various laws, which include a reference to fines or lump – sum collection of fees, must also change the financial and statistical records in order to conform with the project process the deletion of zeros. On the other hand, the technical preparations are underway by us.

    I mean...

    Where do I start??

    Oh wow...

    Elilali says(8:06 PM):
    I have chills
    Philidius says(8:07 PM):
    This is surreal.

    BGG says(8:07 PM):
    nowhere in there does it mention Article 140 - HCL - or anything else... nor does it bother to mention any laws needing passed... just a few changes. (aka - AMMENDMENTS)

    he's telling you exactly why it didn't happen in 2014, 2015 or 2016...

    MadDScout says(8:07 PM):
    That puts to rest the theory they "have to" come out with these larger (50k-100k) in order to complete the series?

    BGG says(8:08 PM):
    I believe it was Maliki that ensured this got put off toward the end of the 2012 era... as noted in the SIGR report to the US Congress.

    based on what he's saying - they are WAAAAAAAAAY closer than that.

    MadDScout says to BGG(8:09 PM):
    My thoughts also

    BGG says(8:09 PM):
    I haven't even gotten to the JUICY PART yete.

    yet... addition to that this must be done in coordination with all state departments and the private sector, where it should be followed by changing the paragraphs contained in the various laws,...

    BGG says(8:11 PM):
    Various departements, "private sector" (read as "Market economy") and changing a few paragraphs... THAT'S IT!! No big deal...

    (kind of like I have been saying for a while).

    ...which include a reference to fines or lump – sum collection of fees,...

    the stuff they need to change refers directly to the money and collection of it...

    (We) must also change the financial and statistical records in order to conform with the project process the deletion of zeros...

    Now - lemme' stop right here for a minute...

    daytrader says to BGG(8:14 PM):
    Also key phrase is "where it should be FOLLOWED by"
    daytrader says to BGG(8:15 PM):
    Meaning the laws should be changed AFTER.

    BGG says to daytrader(8:15 PM):
    Thank you sir - glad you caught that... I might have forgotten to mention that...


    money first - laws AFTER!!


    They need to get this done now!!

    You know the answer...


    jeffusa says(8:16 PM):
    elimates the politics

    BGG says to daytrader(8:17 PM):
    This is about as much heads up as they are willing to give anyone.

    BGG says to daytrader(8:17 PM):
    if they change the laws ahead of time - EVERYONE WILL KNOW.

    daytrader says to BGG(8:17 PM):
    The changes to the laws are focused on economic reform rather than monetary reform. Money first.

    BGG says to daytrader(8:17 PM):
    Every MP and all their families would be driving Lambos later that month

    popeye7 says to BGG(8:17 PM):
    Great observation...

    BGG says(8:18 PM):
    Next bit...

    BGG says(8:18 PM):
    (We) must also change the financial and statistical records in order to conform with the project process the deletion of zeros...

    Why the change needed??

    Hint?? if the value were to remain - they would need no change...

    this part seems VERY MUCH to portend VALUE CHANGE.


    here it comes...

    ...On the other hand, the technical preparations are underway by us.

    BGG says(8:21 PM):
    Meaning - on the other side of everything he's said so far... they are and have been already making technical preparations (by the CBI).

    Pretty plain - if you ask me...

    There is TONS more today... I posted this whole article on THE BLOG


    Isaac10 says(8:22 PM):
    popeye7 says(8:22 PM):

    BGG says(8:23 PM):
    and posted a 35 minute video we did on FaceBook to explain it further...

    Mrs BGG says(8:23 PM):
    Are there any questions at this time?

    paul-o says(8:23 PM):
    Elilali says(8:23 PM):
    what kind of champagne should we get?

    Mrs BGG says to paul-o(8:23 PM):

    BGG says(8:23 PM):
    on both THE BLOG and THE OBSERVER...

    eman4u55 says(8:23 PM):

    paul-o says(8:23 PM):
    Is Almzorh.oicol. (referred to in the cited article) the lower denoms?

    BGG says to paul-o(8:23 PM):
    not sure - but not sure it matters in the context of the rest for the comment.

    Dinar Dave says to BGG(8:23 PM):
    Your a Rock

    BGG says to Elilali(8:24 PM):
    not for me - it's not LOW CARB!!

    paul-o says(8:24 PM):
    ty, great news indeed!!

    BGG says to Elilali(8:24 PM):

    Mrs BGG says(8:24 PM):
    Any others?

    This is the time to ask your questions

    Ray says(8:24 PM):
    Came late whats the latest RV date showing

    Baxter1243 says(8:24 PM):

    Maureen1 says(8:24 PM):

    Mrs BGG says to Baxter1243(8:24 PM):

    BGG says to Dinar Dave(8:25 PM):
    TYVM - but we have a GREAT TEAM - I just play one position.

    Investednow says(8:25 PM):
    Maureen1 says(8:25 PM):

    BGG says to Ray(8:25 PM):
    We stick to FACTS... we don't do that here

    Baxter1243 says(8:25 PM):
    in the article it says the note count is 11 billion 600 million.... isnt that a lot lower than we thought

    Beeson says(8:26 PM):

    BGG says to Baxter1243(8:26 PM):
    There are - like 50 points in this article that are AMAZING... I just stuck to the stuff people will pick up on.

    Mrs BGG says to Maureen1(8:26 PM):

    Ray says(8:26 PM):
    IS there a Fact to the RV with all of this news

    Maureen1 says(8:27 PM):
    Same question as Baxter

    7shiela says(8:27 PM):

    Mrs BGG says to Maureen1(8:27 PM):
    Mrs BGG says to Investednow(8:27 PM):

    Investednow says(8:28 PM):
    can we expect to get some info pertaining to the R/V during this event
    Philidius says(8:28 PM):
    Investednow says(8:28 PM):
    iraqfinanaceevent .com
    Investednow says(8:28 PM):
    happening tomorrow and tuesday

    BGG says to Investednow(8:29 PM):
    I doubt it - anything is possible...

    but this article we just covered is GIGANTIC.

    Investednow says(8:29 PM):
    ok thanks
    Dinar Dave says(8:29 PM):

    BGG says to Investednow(8:29 PM):
    I almost think this wasn't intended to get out like this...

    Mrs BGG says to Beeson(8:30 PM):

    Beeson says(8:30 PM):
    mine is almost like Baxters : ---> so is this saying they printed new currecny ? does the amount they printed matter ? note count is 11 billion 600 million

    BGG says to Ray(8:30 PM):
    You must be new here - Folks use a ? and that puts them in line to ask a question.

    Ray says(8:31 PM):

    Romello says(8:31 PM):

    BGG says to Ray(8:32 PM):
    We try to stick with FACT ONLY here at DU - we post News and talk about news. We try to keep the "speculation" to a minimum. Start with the SIGR Report which we post at the beginning of every news day.

    BGG says to Beeson(8:33 PM):
    Personally - not the big take away in this article. Good - but I was sooooooo blown away by the rest of it... I've been in shock all day.

    Mrs BGG says to 7shiela(8:33 PM):

    7shiela says(8:33 PM):
    BGG are you calling the RV??

    Isaac10 says(8:34 PM):
    No he said good news

    BGG says(8:34 PM):

    Mrs BGG says to Philidius(8:34 PM):

    larrykn says(8:34 PM):
    folks this is newstime

    BGG says to 7shiela(8:35 PM):
    pretty huge news... and - if you really want to get excited, go watch the video I did on FB - (it's posted on both THE BLOG and THE OBSERVER).

    Philidius says(8:35 PM):
    My question is this. If you guys are able to interpret the Articles why wouldn't the MP's RPMs be able to interpret the same way?

    Philidius says(8:35 PM):
    Or PM' S..... I'm a little dyslexic LOL

    larrykn says to Philidius(8:36 PM):
    please us a ?

    BGG says to Philidius(8:36 PM):
    I'm sure a bunch of them know.
    not exactly - but they know... and they get paid in Dinar every month... this is different for them than us.

    Philidius says(8:36 PM):
    I did.... And thx BGG!

    Romello says(8:36 PM):

    hsimeon says(8:37 PM):

    Mudder says(8:37 PM):

    BGG says to Philidius(8:37 PM):
    they rake in 10k worth of Dinar every month. They will be set NO MATTER WHAT.

    Mrs BGG says to Romello(8:37 PM):
    Go Great to see you here!

    Philidius says(8:37 PM):

    BGG says to Romello(8:37 PM):
    MY MAN!!

    Romello says to Mrs BGG(8:38 PM):
    Thanks. ( y )

    Romello says to BGG(8:38 PM):

    Romello says to BGG(8:38 PM):
    Notice the words Note Count. Not actually the Value but the number of notes printed. So could be lower denom?

    BGG says to Romello(8:39 PM):
    That is true.... very likely..

    Romello says to BGG(8:39 PM):

    BGG says to Romello(8:39 PM):
    I did catch that - but as I mention in the video... this piece is PREGNANT with info... just sooooooo much there.

    BGG says to Romello(8:40 PM):
    BTW - BIG KUDOS for all the News Postings... MY MAN!!

    Romello says to BGG(8:40 PM):
    True. All good.

    Investednow says(8:40 PM):
    thanks, great chat!!

    Mrs BGG says to hsimeon(8:40 PM):

    BGG says to Investednow(8:40 PM):
    ( y )

    hsimeon says(8:40 PM):

    Mrs BGG says to Romello(8:41 PM):
    see ya

    Romello says to BGG(8:41 PM):
    Lots of info in that piece.

    Romello says to Mrs BGG(8:41 PM):

    BGG says to hsimeon(8:42 PM):
    I got right in... what issue??

    hsimeon says(8:42 PM):

    Mrs BGG says to maine(8:42 PM):
    Did you have a question?

    maine says(8:42 PM):
    no mrs bgg

    BGG says to hsimeon(8:42 PM):
    restart your phone.

    Mrs BGG says to maine(8:42 PM):

    maine says(8:42 PM):
    it was my dog~

    Mrs BGG says to maine(8:42 PM):

    maine says(8:43 PM):
    maine says(8:43 PM):
    she has to sit on my lap

    BGG says to hsimeon(8:43 PM):
    Operating systems have to be restarted from time to time. Even phoens.

    Even phones.

    BGG says(8:44 PM):
    I'm whipped... did THE BLOG - The OBSERVER - The FaceBook Live and now this CHAT.

    hsimeon says(8:44 PM):

    BGG says(8:44 PM):
    I tired.

    Mrs BGG says(8:44 PM):
    Thank you everyone joining us!!

    maine says(8:44 PM):
    fantastic job~

    maine says(8:44 PM):

    Mrs BGG says(8:44 PM):
    Great News time!!

    prs says(8:44 PM):
    thank you!

    Okie Dinar says(8:44 PM):
    Thank you!! Great newstime!!

    Mrs BGG says(8:44 PM):
    Thank you Romello for stopping by and Daytrader & MadDScout!!

    larrykn says(8:44 PM):
    thank you BGG an Mrs BGG great new

    cjquade54 says(8:45 PM):
    great stuff ty all

    hsimeon says(8:45 PM):

    sunshine1 says(8:45 PM):
    Big thanks to BGG & Mrs. BGG!

    Mrs BGG says(8:45 PM):
    And thank you all of DU crew!!

    BGG says(8:45 PM):
    in true Southern Parlance...

    Mrs BGG says(8:45 PM):
    Thank you Mags for copying!!

    BGG says(8:45 PM):
    Thanks to ALL Y'ALL!!

    seadreamer says(8:45 PM):
    Big Thanks BGG!

    dale says(8:45 PM):
    Thanks BGG. Wonderful !!!

    jtank says(8:45 PM):
    thx guys

    popeye7 says(8:45 PM):
    THanks to the crew... Appreciate your service...

    BGG says(8:45 PM):
    that's a double plural.

    willie60 says(8:45 PM):
    Thank you BGG, Mrs BGG and the whole DU team. I'm grateful to you all.

    magnetlady says(8:45 PM):
    You are most welcome Mrs. BGG

    Dwsewell1 says(8:45 PM):
    Thanks BGG and Mrs. BGG you guys rock and thanks to all the other guys and gals in this helping. s73s75

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