Abbas al-Issawi: The need to start a new phase and everyone bears responsibility for the crises

Release Date: 2017/4/9 23:02 53 times read

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) A member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Abbas al-Issawi, on Sunday, the need to start a new stage to build the country.

"There are freedoms within the constitution. Freedom of expression has been granted, and so far we have no prisoners of conscience in Iraq. There is also a guarantee of implementation in the constitution, where there is no law that violates the public freedoms that have been guaranteed," al-Issawi told AFP.

He pointed out that "the Constitution is within justice," but "but there are errors in the application and all partners in the political process bear responsibility, and the responsibility not to resolve some files."

As for the role of the Islamists and its public, the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, "since the beginning of the fall of the former regime, we offer blood and the forefront of the Islamic forces and now in the fighting in Mosul as well."

He stressed the need to "start a new phase and a new path to build Iraq, which has a huge power that was able to eliminate the oppressive," noting that "the many crises bear the responsibility of everyone."