Rafidain Bank directs ministries covered by an advance ten salaries grants form
[Oan- Baghdad]
called Rafidain Bank ministries and state institutions covered by the ten salaries to an advance distribution of the forms prepared by the bank on their employees who wish to grant the advance for the purpose of filling.
The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that " the bank face of the ministries or departments concerned under imprest to provide their employees names under the request of the advance prepared by the public administration, in the form of meals that the sum of the meal does not exceed 100 form an employee as a first stage. "
And between, that " the ministry or department concerned is responsible for grants repeat any student advance and responsibility for the health of the archives with the forms attached to the request of the advance and support it."
The statement said, " The forms stamped the seal of authenticity of the information contained in the required documents by the administrative department official in the directorate concerned and send all the information , however , authorized the directorate concerned."
The bank added that " the receipt of the advance monthly repayments will be by the department concerned under the approved instrument and within ten days from the date of receipt of salary , however."