Parliament as a claim from Basra to support them and give them their dues of Petro-dollar

Sunday 9 April 2017-12:49 m

Lawmakers announced a mass change (Kurdish) support for laws and decisions and projects to develop Basra through the visit said they aim to support this province and delivering letters emphasizes the synergy between all the components of the people.

Mohamed Kaveh's attorney said during a press conference held at the Office of the House of representatives in Basra with members of its mass (change) and Deputy Basra that all House members support Basra, activate the petrodollar decisions for oil-producing provinces.

He added that their visit to Basra's got nothing to do with the last question told Massoud Barzani, Kurdistan breakup stating that his view that all outstanding problems between the territory and the Federal Government must be resolved through dialogue.

In return it has cost Parliament from Basra visit Parliament block change to conservative member of Parliament Hassan my Blender to visit carrying positive messages came at a time of tension between the territory and the Centre.

The visit had positive messages from Basra that the Iraqi people should be the one national cohesion are prevalent among all its components.