Transportation Announces near Nasiriyah airport flights increase and make it an international

Sunday 9 April 2017-02:18 m

Leith Director Ministry of transportation Sciences Abdul Karim Rubaie that the coming days will see an increase in the number of arrivals and departures over Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar governorate airport, indicating the presence of international flights from the airport towards the Iranian city of Mashhad and vice versa, with the consent of the Hajj and ' Umrah on terms of this airport pilgrims pilgrims to the Holy lands in Saudi Arabia.

Spring said that the airport mentioned still works as planned internal flights every week from Arbil on Monday and Baghdad Friday.

He described turnout of citizens to travel across good Nasiriyah airport, assuring the completeness of cadres needed by the airport but that need is currently only to maintenance workers.

The Transport Ministry opened on 10 March International Minister sponsored Nasiriyah airport Kazim Cup erythema and Ministry officials and members of the local Government of Qar Executive and legislative branches, as well as Conservative MPs.