Nominate a successor to Al-Baghdadi raises sharply divided ISIS

2017/4/9 9:12

[In Baghdad]

Intelligence sources in Mosul that there are sharp differences between the leaders of the gangs of terror on ISIS nomination called [Abu Hafsa] Mousli succeeding Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS.

Each agency sources said Iraq [where] "ISIS leaders live State of sharp differences and internal divisions reached even for fighters after nominating terrorist named [Abu Hafsa addictions] Deputy Wali of Nineveh, by the so called ISIS Shura succeeding terrorist Al-Baghdadi where Abu Hafsa knows it more bloody characters and is one of the senior legislators of those terrorist groups and held several military and administrative positions and legitimate mission in criminal ISIS."

They showed "ISIS leaders divided into pros and cons to nominate Mousli Khalifa Al-Baghdadi so that seemed a clear divisions and differences within their own ranks, especially on the left side as it increased after news that emphasizes offering Baghdadi to seriously in an air strike aimed at meeting them in Western Anbar earlier."