Trump: Syria Sadr Vinamkm new Assad to step down from his love for this
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Twilight News / cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Saturday called on the United States President Donald Trump to refrain from pushing himself in a holocaust Syria while the use of the chemical in Laden hit the city of Idlib, advised the President of the Syrian regime to resign from his post

Sadr said in a statement that he should not be on the US president should abandon his statements and positions and decisions of the reckless this is not harmful to America, but is harmful to all the international community it should not be that caught himself in a new holocaust might push everyone toll Syria was Vietnam are new for them

He added that he can not be unreasonable to double standards, as the shelling of unarmed civilians in Mosul and at the same time denouncing the convicted bombing of civilians Eemiaoa", support way to say enough only Syria that assailed them hands gather from home and abroad so that the role of America's negative also comes the only affected is the Syrian people

Sadr continued, I do not rule out to be Trump's decision to bomb Syria is in the ear spillover Daesh other areas are often America to be a sponsor of terrorism as we used to do so in a lot of resources
He went on to say that If America wants to be a sponsor of peace, it has to support the dialogue and save peoples in all regions whether in Palestine or Burma or Bahrain or other areas that are not prone to hand without the other."

He noted al-Sadr "Everyone knows that America's military intervention would not be feasible it has announced its bombardment of Doaash Iraq and terrorism is still hovering over our lands sacred and he was not feasible intervention is not useful at all

He believed that such decisions will drag the region into a conflict, especially with the presence of other banners claiming to edit or save it to Syria which has become wounded and Msalba grim political conflicts "

Sadr called on everyone's military withdrawal from the Syrian people to take the reins he is the only owner of the right to self-determination, but Syria will be a rubble to be the sole beneficiary is the occupation and terrorism

He ended the leader of Sadr his statement by saying that from here on America the palm of their harm and that it is required from Russia and other factions but also to find fair to President Bashar al-Assad to resign and step down love rule Syria beloved avert the scourge of war and the control of terrorists be given the reins of the matter to the authorities popular window can stand against terrorism to save Syrian territory as soon as to have a historically heroic stance before the time runs out and lattes while Mendm. "