Chihod: Solving the three presidencies and the Government of the majority of the National Alliance Options

29/05/2012 PM - 2:55 PM

Male MP for the State of Law coalition in the National Alliance WIN Mohammed Chihod the options open to owners of the National Alliance and the National Project of the other blocs.

He said Chihod according to a statement today that "the options is a government majority, or a solution of the three presidencies and call early elections in the absence of the National Congress."

He added that we are in the "National Alliance and the national forces of the Iraqi List, white and free and the Kurdistan Alliance, those who adhere to the project the national owners of the initiative and all the options open to us, we are not the owners of the regional project that did not hold the National Congress and ask where all outstanding problems between the blocks Aubin central government and the province under the umbrella of the Constitution"

He explained, "We will go to our choices, starting from the Government of the majority, including the political solution of the three presidencies of the Republic and the deputies and ministers, and that we could not form a majority government we will go to dissolve parliament and call early elections."