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    NEWSTIME With MadDScout and Company - Thursday, April 6th, 2017

    MadDScout says(6:32 PM):
    Good evening everybody, welcome to newstime with the "DU Facebook Crew" for Thursday 6 April 2017
    MadDScout says(6:33 PM):
    We have Marie(Scottiegirl) who will be helping us tonight on copy,
    MadDScout says(6:33 PM):
    Thank you Marie! If you would like, and have them handy, you can drop the rules on us.

    Okie Dinar says(6:34 PM):
    MadDScout says to Okie Dinar(6:35 PM):
    Thank you Kaleigh

    1bobby says to Okie Dinar(6:35 PM):
    Thanks OKIE

    Okie Dinar says(6:35 PM):
    You're welcome
    MadDScout says(6:35 PM):
    We have Mrs. BGG, who will be helping by bring our prayer tonight

    Mrs BGG says(6:35 PM):
    Heavenly Father we come to You by the Blood of Jesus. Thank You for Your Grace, Mercy, & Forgiveness. Thank You Jesus that You have established Your throne in Heaven and Your Kingdom rules over all. Holy Spirit have Your way with us. Thank You God that You are Merciful & compassionate, we pray for the people of Syria. We pray for Your continued protection. We pray for our leaders that You will continue to give them wisdom. We thank You for each person on this site who helps and serves. We love You and trust You. We thank You that we can rest in You and Your promises. We pray that You will bless each person here and their families. We give YOu all the Glory, Honor & Praise. In Jesus Name.
    MadDScout says(6:35 PM):
    Mrs. BGG whenever you are ready.

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    Thank you much
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    you are welcome
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    MadDScout says(6:38 PM):
    Kathy(Suprkat) had something come up this evening and was unable to be with us tonight, so it
    appears you are stuck with 1Bobby and myself

    Dovi says(6:38 PM):
    magnetlady says(6:38 PM):
    That's a great pair
    MadDScout says(6:38 PM):
    Tonight I want to start by answering a couple of questions from a thread Kathy started for tonights
    news time.

    1bobby says(6:38 PM):
    Laurel n hardy

    MadDScout says to 1bobby(6:39 PM):

    MadDScout says(6:39 PM):
    ??'s from Facebook
    MadDScout says(6:39 PM):
    Question :

    Dave T: What's left before NEEDED to be taken off programmed rate?

    MadDScout says(6:40 PM):
    Answer: Thats is what we are watching for. But from CBI(Alak's) view, they are looking for stability.
    social, political, economic, security, take your pick as to how much of each of those goes into the
    criterion they are looking toward.

    MadDScout says(6:40 PM):
    Question:Willie B: Do they have to have the HCL passed before they RV and if so have it been voted on yet
    MadDScout says(6:41 PM):
    Answer:It appears no, on that question, HCL prior to currency shift.
    The HCL is a very complicated piece of legislation and envolves the administration of provinces and their resources. In order to do this there has to be a census, so that these areas are represented properly, and administeded accordingly.
    There are many problems at present with getting this accomplished with the fight on terrorism still ongoing, and the issues of the displaced. Plus there is no set in stone number that will be returning so there is no way to "wing it".

    MadDScout says(6:42 PM):

    Howard An Diane: What is the status on Mosul

    MadDScout says(6:42 PM):
    Answer: It appears from most reports to be running close to the 90% range.

    MadDScout says(6:42 PM):
    DaYahua B: Chapter 7
    MadDScout says(6:42 PM):

    Abadi has come out that they are working to be removed within 2 months.

    MadDScout says(6:43 PM):
    Question:Ken C: We have always heard when article 140 and HCL are put into place and activated we should see the rate within hours of implementation. We know Mosul is a key part. Can they implement HCL and Article 140 on a program rate?
    MadDScout says(6:43 PM):

    That theory is old and unfounded, and tends to put events in the wrong order, according to what we know right now. Being as this is never mentioned in any of Alaks statements when asked about what the CBI needs to make full monetary reforms, I have put it out of my vocabulary.

    As to the third part of your question, can they implement 140 at program rate, I think it is so far in the future (Art140)they will have a "rate" by then. But IMO one doesn't equal the other. They are stand alone issues, unhinged one from another. Rate is only important to us.

    Frisco42 says(6:43 PM):
    1bobby says to Frisco42(6:44 PM):
    go for it

    Frisco42 says(6:45 PM):
    What is the big event on tomorrow's Facebook DU SITE
    Baxter1243 says(6:45 PM):
    MadDScout says(6:45 PM):
    Stay tuned
    MadDScout says(6:45 PM):

    Steve M: As we look for signals of a rate change coming, are there any similarities we can find with
    other countries who have been through this?
    MadDScout says(6:45 PM):

    Steve, I would say this is a very unique situation, as compared with other countries situations, and as
    BGG put's it, "there is no actionable intel".

    1bobby says to Frisco42(6:45 PM):
    If I told ya I'd get fired. Should be fun

    MadDScout says(6:46 PM):

    Arlie B: How about some information about sentence structure that Iraqis use? It would be of value to understand their expression of their thought process. And this is the reason that making sense of their articles is so difficult!

    Frisco42 says(6:46 PM):
    MadDScout says(6:46 PM):

    There are between 60,000 and 140,00 thousand words in the Arabic language, compaired with English 988,968(+/-) according to "Global Language Monitor"

    This in itself gives a clue to the problem. In Arabic, one word may have implications on a whole subject, or can explain an idea or concept.

    Likewise it might take many words to explain a small idea, but because of localized unfamiliarity(mid-east vs. western ideas), one might expect that.
    MadDScout says(6:47 PM):

    1bobby says(6:47 PM):
    Ok let's start with some articles
    1bobby says(6:48 PM):
    Office of the United Nations investigating Abadi 40 corruption file welakhrbaa without levying

    2017/4/3 10:53

    [In Baghdad]

    Detect FCO Haidar Abadi, from achieving the United Nations through its investigators in Iraq 40 file corruption.

    Associate Director, said the Prime Minister's Office Affairs, Abu Nofal events Iraq Baghdad Energy Forum in the second and final day, that "the United Nations investigators were investigating corruption file 40 professionally away from any political diagnosis and consider the usefulness of having an Inspector General offices in ministries and State institutions."

    "Will be held next Thursday, in the presence of the Prime Minister's workshop on how to raise Iraq assessment ranking in the transparency international organizations next year.

    The Iraqi Government has signed on 11 August 2016, an agreement with the United Nations development program in Baghdad to enhance the Government's ability to track large and complex corruption cases and investigated and prosecuted.
    1bobby says(6:49 PM):
    UNDP will, in accordance with the terms of the agreement, recruitment of international investigators to help train Iraqi investigators advice, will be the principal investigator in the integrity and the Supreme Judicial Council.

    And a power outages and invest in it, "said Abu Shona cannot provide 24-hour electricity, if there isn't an effective collection system," adding that "electricity is not free, but there is significant expenditure behavior in production and distribution.

    "Energy investment project successful project, unfortunately we hear voices of politicization of the subject and some provincial councils opposed to the project without that" Iraq is building that in electricity 24 hours without active collection.
    1bobby says(6:49 PM):
    Called Abu Shona "provincial councils and citizens to reconsider the topic collection in a positive way."

    Alkthadth was the name of the Office of the Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi said yesterday in a statement that "the amounts specified in the collection system of electricity within the service sector investment programme, maintenance and collection adopted by the Government as follows: 1000 dinars per amp per month price of 10 amperes, consumes around the clock, and 1500 dinars per amp per month price of consumes between 10-15 amp clock, 000 dinars per month for amps rate of 20 amp consumes around the clock, adding "Electricity prices rising gradually to proportional increase consumption."

    1bobby says(6:50 PM):
    Called Abu Shona "provincial councils and citizens to reconsider the topic collection in a positive way."

    Alkthadth was the name of the Office of the Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi said yesterday in a statement that "the amounts specified in the collection system of electricity within the service sector investment programme, maintenance and collection adopted by the Government as follows: 1000 dinars per amp per month price of 10 amperes, consumes around the clock, and 1500 dinars per amp per month price of consumes between 10-15 amp clock, 000 dinars per month for amps rate of 20 amp consumes around the clock, adding "Electricity prices rising gradually to proportional increase consumption."

    1bobby says(6:50 PM):
    1bobby says(6:51 PM):
    When an International Team, especially from the U.N, is brought in it adds a little beef behind the actions and results that that team is required to do in it's performance. Now also understand Iraq and Iraq alone will be in charge of prosecution. Now if the corruption is too big in nature and it crosses

    Iraqi borders, then Iraq can request more international assistance.

    1bobby says(6:52 PM):
    Here's a few quotes that came out last year when this 1st surfaced.

    "The Prime Minister’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr. Naoufel Al-Hasan, said: “Ending impunity is at the center of our reform agenda. We have reached out to UNDP to provide technical assistance to strengthen our capacity to investigate and prosecute corruption cases.”

    "Under the terms of the agreement, UNDP will recruit international investigators to help mentor and train Iraqi investigators. The lead investigator will be deployed within the Integrity Commission and Higher Judicial Council."
    MadDScout says(6:53 PM):
    Any ??'s
    1bobby says(6:54 PM):
    Office: Abadi agreed with the delegation of the Kurdistan Region to remove obstacles that prevented the activation of Article 140

    Twilight News
    3 hours ago

    The news office announced to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi said on Thursday that the latter agreed with the delegation of the Kurdistan Region to remove all obstacles that prevented the application of Article 140 Constitution of the disputed areas between Arbil and Baghdad.

    A statement issued by the office, that Abadi received on Wednesday in his office delegation of the Kurdistan region.

    The statement added that it was agreed to adhere to dialogue and calm and focus on the participants and abide by the constitutional and legal frameworks to ensure the unity of Iraq and coexistence between all components and not allow to be dragged into side battles and focus on our fight against terrorism.

    The statement pointed out that it was agreed to remove the obstacles that prevented the activation of Article 140 and to emphasize the importance of preparing for the requirements of the census after the completion of the liberation of all lands and the elimination of terrorist gangs.

    1bobby says(6:55 PM):
    The statement also stressed the importance of joint action in the interests of all the people of the same country.

    He arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday from Arbil, a delegation representing the PUK and the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the presidency of the region, and held after his meeting with President Fuad Masum meetings with the Prime Minister Haider Abadi and Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri and the Sadrist movement

    The delegation of the region included the secretary of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Fadhil Mirani and a member of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Adnan Mufti and President of the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region Fouad Hussein.

    1bobby says(6:55 PM):
    Article 140! I could say "enough said" and let's just move on, but I won't. The infamous Art 140 is in the Constitution, just not activated and or implemented. Now 140 does not cover all of Iraq, just Kirkuk and the disputed territories, Kikuk being ground zero. Why Kirkuk? It goes back to the Sadam days where he pretty much purged Kirkuk of all nationalities and replaced them with whom he wanted and then he redefined the administrative boundries to his liking.

    Enough history, where do we stand today? With Abadi agreeing to remove all obstacles to immplement 140 is a HUGE step forward and something the Kurds can work with. Now while there are numerous cities/districts covered under 140, Kirkuk is the main concern. Kirkuk sits atop one of the largest oil reserves in Iraq, most reports estimate over 40 billion barrels of oil. Now we could talk for hours about the Kurds already pumping oil from Kirkuk into Turkey

    1bobby says(6:56 PM):
    and that will be an issue once the 140 ball starts rolling. If Abadi is willing to remove the obstacles, then the Kurds will control Kirkuk. This action does not require a Parliamentary vote since it's already in the Constitution. What Baghdad wants is what the constitution states "All oil within Iraq belongs to all Iraqi's" So if the Kurds get what they want, Baghdad will want all oil proceeds to flow thru Baghdad and then %'s will be distributed accordingly.

    We'll just have to let this play out and see what they do, not what they say.

    1bobby says(6:57 PM):

    1bobby says(6:57 PM):
    There's a pic of the disputed areas
    MadDScout says(6:59 PM):
    Any ??'s
    MadDScout says(6:59 PM):
    Next report
    1bobby says(7:00 PM):
    Rasheed Bank directs its branches to open documentary credits to public and private sector companies

    03/04/2017 03:03

    Trend Press / Baghdad

    The Director General of Rasheed Bank, Rashad Khudair Wahid, extended the bank's branches to expand the opening of documentary credits to public and private sector companies.

    "The process is the most successful way to settle international sales, where the seller is guaranteed to receive the price of the goods and the buyer to receive the goods and through correspondent banks of the Rashid Bank abroad according to the controls," Wahid said.

    He pointed out that "the amounts of appropriations are transferred at the official price specified by the Central Bank of Iraq."
    MadDScout says(7:01 PM):
    Another way of getting business used to the banks
    MadDScout says(7:01 PM):
    This removes the middle man
    1bobby says(7:01 PM):
    I thought this was a cool article because it speaks highly of the banking reforms that are taking place. A good friend and I were talking last night, he's the smart one, and discussed the implications of this action. It's basically the CBI
    taking measures that eliminate the street sellers/windows. Here was our thinking. So a business/citizen in Iraq wants to import/purchase something out of Iraq, instaed of going thru the banks, they go to the windows and give them IQD, the vendor then does a
    remittance (at the street rate) and sends the monies out of country for that transaction. So they chrge them a higher rate, plus the wire fee. BOO! Ok so now here's what Rasheed will do. Not only will they give you a better rate, they will also offer you credit (monies you may not have, but are good for) then they will do the tranaction for you
    with guarantees. Not bad at all. Big picture stuff but shows the pace of the banking reforms

    MadDScout says(7:03 PM):
    There is gobs of banking reform news out there
    MadDScout says(7:03 PM):
    If you stop and think for a minute, you can remember it has not always been this way
    MadDScout says(7:03 PM):
    These are the many gears that are turning
    1bobby says(7:04 PM):
    All this being done electronically speak highly of the reforms and put trust back into the banking system
    MadDScout says(7:04 PM):
    So to ask about hold ups is to not have a good grasp on what this whole situation encompasses
    1bobby says(7:06 PM):
    Any questions?
    Dinar Dave says(7:06 PM):
    1bobby says to Dinar Dave(7:06 PM):
    fire away
    Dinar Dave says(7:07 PM):
    Sorry it was answered.... Just a little behind
    1bobby says to Dinar Dave(7:07 PM):
    no problem
    MadDScout says to Dinar Dave(7:07 PM):

    1bobby says(7:07 PM):
    Pat has the next article
    MadDScout says(7:07 PM):
    Hashemi: Iraq can not enter into the "policy of international axes" for these reasons

    Thursday, April 6, 2017 07:14 pm
    | Number of readings:
    MadDScout says(7:07 PM):

    Baghdad / .. The head of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies and confident Hashemi, Thursday, that Iraq at the moment can not enter into the policy of international axes, indicating that it is in Iraq's interest to remain stick stick from the middle.
    MadDScout says(7:08 PM):
    (( Hashemi, is pointing to the idea that, Iraq at the moment, can not enter into any International coalitions or unilateral cross border fight against terrorism, and that they should maintain their internal coalition in regards to it's own fight against terrorism.

    International axes here, refers to joining outside (Iraqs borders) coalitions in the fight against terrorism. ))

    MadDScout says(7:08 PM):
    "The entry of any country within the policy of international axes requires that the country is strong, Iraq is still weak and not ready to enter those axes," he said, noting that "Iraq is still witnessing political conflicts between the ruling powers, and that "Powers have their own international orientations, they can not be identified with one axis."
    MadDScout says(7:09 PM):
    (( Here he points out a country can only join from a postion of strength, and that Iraq is still recovering, and he points to it's internal disunity.))

    MadDScout says(7:09 PM):
    He added that "there is no interest at the moment to enter Iraq in the policy of international axes, and he should keep the stick from the middle, so as not to lose one of the international axes," adding that "Iraq's loss at the moment for any international axis will have negative consequences on Iraq" .

    MadDScout says(7:09 PM):
    (( Pointing out that it is not in Iraqs best interest to enter a policy on International axes involvement. But point's out the need to maintain good relations with it's own International coalition fighting on it's behalf internally.

    Reminding them that the loss of this coalition, would have "negative consequences on Iraq"))
    MadDScout says(7:10 PM):
    While Prime Minister Haider Abadi, earlier, that Iraq does not want to engage in the policy of axes and regional conflicts

    MadDScout says(7:10 PM):
    (( Abadi's position on the subject ))
    MadDScout says(7:10 PM):

    MadDScout says(7:10 PM):
    Any ??'s comments
    larrykn says(7:10 PM):
    MadDScout says(7:11 PM):
    Go Larry
    1bobby says(7:11 PM):
    Let's take care of Iraq for now. Now this does not include Iraq protecting it's own borders
    larrykn says(7:12 PM):
    If they don't go outside of their own country to fight Terrorism the problem they are dealing with now will just come back and bit them
    larrykn says(7:12 PM):
    they might not want to but it seem to me they have too
    1bobby says(7:12 PM):
    And that goes along with securing the borders
    larrykn says(7:12 PM):
    1bobby says(7:13 PM):
    I don't think anyone wants to see them fighting ISIS in Syria at this point
    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:13 PM):
    However, as pointed out, if they are not in and of themselves strong enough, and not yet having rid their own borders, they do not have nor should attempt the capacity to engage any beyond the control of their own border
    larrykn says(7:14 PM):
    I believe that is why they are asking the US to put bases over there too
    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:14 PM):
    Very good point
    1bobby says to larrykn(7:14 PM):
    Dinar Dave says(7:15 PM):
    Maybe that why the US is asking NATO to step up???
    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:15 PM):
    The next report touches on those bases
    1bobby says to Dinar Dave(7:15 PM):
    I wouldn't argue that point
    larrykn says to 1bobby(7:15 PM):
    I would too
    MadDScout says to Dinar Dave(7:15 PM):
    Yes the help and logistic support that NATO can provide can make short work of IS
    MadDScout says to Dinar Dave(7:16 PM):
    If they were to commit in a big way
    1bobby says(7:16 PM):
    Any more questions?
    1bobby says(7:17 PM):
    Ok next article
    MadDScout says(7:17 PM):
    The Trump smash discussed in Baghdad the establishment of US bases after a humiliating defeat

    2017/04/06 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 676 - Number (3895)
    MadDScout says(7:17 PM):

    The talks between the American delegation, which recently visited Baghdad and the US president's brother-in-law and senior adviser, focused on the future of US forces in Iraq and the confrontation with Iranian influence.

    The delegation concluded talks with Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi with US President Trump last March. The talks, according to political sources, to keep US troops in Iraq after the defeat of the call, and give them 5 permanent bases.
    MadDScout says(7:17 PM):
    (( Here we see they are discussing 5 permanent military bases ))

    MadDScout says(7:18 PM):

    The US forces, currently 22,000, are expected to rise to 40,000, a consultant and a contractor, the sources said.

    Jared Kouchner, the (son-in-law) of Trump and his top advisers, arrived in Baghdad on Monday with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Danford, in a two-day surprise visit during which he met with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Defense Minister Irfan al-Hayali. Government Najirvan Barzani, also visited a military base near Mosul.
    MadDScout says(7:18 PM):
    A senior state law official noted that Kouchner's visit and his accompanying delegation were the first of its kind after Prime Minister Haider Abadi visited Washington. He stressed that the high American delegation discussed a lot of files and topics, especially the construction of permanent US bases Iraq.

    Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met with US President Trump on March 20 and discussed several issues related to the post-Saddam era, reconstruction efforts and stability, as well as the file of the displaced. "The US administration wants to reduce the influence of Iran in Iraq by strengthening its presence," he said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of his information. "Washington is disturbed by some of the Consider it to be closely linked to Tehran. "
    MadDScout says(7:19 PM):
    But the member of the parliamentary bloc of the call confirms that "the survival of any American force on Iraqi territory need to be approved by the government and parliament," noting that "the numbers of these forces will be determined by the strategic agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington."

    During his visit to Washington, the prime minister expressed his support for the survival of part of the US forces in Iraq after the defeat and the liberation of Mosul, in order to support the Iraqi forces. Abadi said US forces would continue training, logistics and intelligence cooperation for Iraqi forces.
    MadDScout says(7:19 PM):
    A member of the state of law that "all visits of US delegations are looking to keep US troops in Iraq," adding that "the talk is about keeping five permanent US bases after the completion of the liberation of the city Mosul. "

    The US president expressed his regret at the withdrawal of his troops from Iraq in 2011.
    "The number of US troops currently on Iraqi territory is 22,000 between combatant, adviser and trainee," the MP said. "The number is likely to rise to more than 40,000 in American bases."
    MadDScout says(7:20 PM):
    The Prime Minister Haider Abadi revealed to the heads of parliamentary blocs, during a meeting last week, the contract of Iraq with two US companies to secure and sustain the international route extending from the ports of Basra to the border with Jordan.

    "The construction of US bases in Iraq is normal," said MP Majid Shankali. "There are 114 countries that have had American bases for years. long".

    "If the Americans did not have a lot of politicians in Iraq," he said, "the coming days will see multiple visits by American officials to Baghdad to develop a strategy after the liberation of Mosul."

    MadDScout says(7:20 PM):

    MadDScout says(7:21 PM):
    They point out it needs approval from parliament but it is nothing to have US military bases on ones territority because it is done in over a hundred countrys
    1bobby says(7:21 PM):
    If this becomes fact, Iraq will have more stability/security than any other country throught the Middle East. The immunity issue will surely arise
    MadDScout says(7:22 PM):
    The US wants to trade it's support and assistance for the Iranian influence at least insofar as the military assistance goes

    1bobby says(7:22 PM):
    Just enact the SOFA and things will be good
    MadDScout says to 1bobby(7:23 PM):

    1bobby says(7:23 PM):
    any questions on this one?
    1bobby says(7:24 PM):
    Ok next article
    MadDScout says(7:24 PM):
    Prime Minister: corruption in the security establishment contributed to enter ISIS

    2017/4/6 13:16

    {Baghdad: Euphrates news}
    MadDScout says(7:24 PM):
    Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the corruption in the security establishment has contributed to enter terrorist ISIS gangs in cities.

    According to a statement his Office received {Euphrates news} copy, that speaking at the consultations confirmed Abadi patriotism to combat corruption and promote transparency in the public sector under the auspices of Prime Minister in the presence of UNDP in Iraq and international experts in the fight against corruption, the fight against corruption is a priority for the Government and that despite numerous difficulties and the war against terrorism and the financial crisis as a result of a decline in oil revenues but we walked in that line. "
    MadDScout says(7:24 PM):
    He added that "the first steps that we've taken in the fight against corruption was in the security establishment that corruption contributed to enter ISIS so today our national welcome at every provinces and triumph."

    The other tries to mix the leaves through frequent accusations of corruption without evidence calling on regulators to keep their plans to fight corruption and not to be drawn into the plans of others drown them with malicious issues and other wasting effort. "

    MadDScout says(7:25 PM):
    Abadi said "we don't want to feel citizen that there is unfairness in it so we reduced salaries.

    He pointed out that "Iraq today despite improved credit rating and financial crisis pushed expenses higher interest became weaker," layers "what grieves is when you go to the provinces there are many projects spent by billions of dinars without the benefit of the citizen."

    He noted that "there are big steps are continuing and we are on the right track".

    1bobby says(7:26 PM):
    Someone will pay the price for ISIS. Wonder who was PM at that time
    MadDScout says(7:27 PM):
    Abadi's next task according to him is to now fight corruption as vigorously as Iraq has fought Terrorism
    MadDScout says(7:27 PM):
    Any ??'s
    MadDScout says(7:27 PM):
    MadDScout says(7:27 PM):
    1bobby says(7:27 PM):
    He (Abadi) sure has stepped up his game since his visit to the US
    1bobby says(7:28 PM):
    Amazing what support will do for your confidence
    MadDScout says(7:28 PM):
    MadDScout says(7:28 PM):
    It is time
    MadDScout says(7:28 PM):
    We have enjoyed news time tonight and we have enjoyed all of you who hung in there with us.
    1bobby says(7:28 PM):
    If no more questions, I can return to the Hallmark Channel
    MadDScout says(7:29 PM):
    I hope most of this has been helpful
    1bobby says(7:29 PM):
    Thanks to everyone for being here
    MadDScout says(7:29 PM):
    I hope everyone has a blessed night
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    Re: NEWSTIME With MadDScout and Company - Thursday, April 6th, 2017

    Thank you so much Scottiegirl. A saner shade of green. Yay!!! Who know 1Bobby had such cool stuff to say, lol

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