New tactics in the process connector.

2017/4/6 19:53


Us national public radio [NPR] that the United States and Iraq are working on changing the tactics used to eliminate the ISIS in Mosul.

Nineveh Operations Commander major general Najm Abd Allah al-juboori said "Iraqi forces will slow the pace of fighting in the old city of Mosul aiming to reduce the number of civilian casualties.

He explained that military commanders agreed not to rely on air strikes because it claims the lives of many people, "due to the limited raids now, we need to make some maneuvers to change our plans."

According to Al-Juburi new tactics include redeployment of Iraqi forces to increase support in West Mosul surroundings instead of marching South towards the old city.

He said that progress on the eastern side of the city was fast, but the situation now is very difficult, "we freed 50 percent of the city but well aware that people still inside her suffer so much because of the scarcity of food, water, electricity, everything."

More than 100 civilians have been killed in a bomb attack on a new neighborhood in Mosul on 17 March and massacre American approved.

The Pentagon in investigating possible feet ISIS on planting explosives contributed to the collapse of several houses.

He explained that the troops involved in the operations of the conductor was unaware that dozens of people were holed up in those houses.

The ISIS is trapped in the city and no outlet for him to flee, but there are about 400 thousand civilians employed by management as human shields and preventing them from leaving.