Newspaper: Maaleh: It was said of the owners at a meeting of the National Alliance he was "unique" power and most of it
Published on Monday, 28 May 2012 08:46

BAGHDAD / With: via the official spokesman of the Supreme Council, Hamid Maaleh rejected the argument of the "no alternative to Maliki, but Maliki), viewing it as unrealistic, saying that it was said to his face (Maliki) frankly and clearly, you are a unique power, and was told to talk more than that, Bgesb an interview with Asharq al-Awsat.
The Maaleh, the newspaper, in its issue today that
"Iraq crowded talent capable of leading Iraq, and can not be limited to issues of Iraq and the nation and its future in one person, and the movement of history has proved that, this logic is unacceptable," noting that "the argument (there is no alternative Maliki, but Maliki) is unrealistic and illogical. "

Maaleh did not hide that
"there are candidates for the National Alliance in the case of things to come the need to replace Maliki, or Withdrawal of confidence with him,"
without revealing the names of these candidates.

"The Supreme Council is keen not to the return of dictatorship to Iraq and the need to devote the democratic approach in dealing with things, and we stress that in all meetings of the National Alliance,"
revealing that he
"has the face of al-Maliki in a meeting that is unique to power" and said, "I have been told to his face (Maliki) is loud and clear: You are a unique power, and was told to talk more than that. "

And on the points sheet contained in the statement of the National Alliance, which was released Thursday evening, in response to my letter of Erbil, Najaf, said a spokesman for the Supreme Council,
"The statement came summary discussions of serious, real emphasized the unity of the alliance, which is betting some to collapse, and was the subject under discussion is my discussion of Erbil and Najaf, al-Maliki demanded the replacement of the coalition during the week, "adding that" the meeting concluded to issue a statement carries the spirit of responding to letters, and the importance of National Go to the meeting which approved al-Maliki for his presence, and this important step. "

The Maaleh that
"the coalition stressed the importance of calm and deal with the demands of my Erbil and Najaf, according to the contexts of constitutional and agreements suited to the Constitution, and the importance of compromise between the parties to reach solutions to overcome the political crisis, and that includes the rule of law,"
"the importance of the National Conference of confronting each parties They say what they have transparency, and teach the public everything, to be a factor to put pressure on the leaders, in the case of failed political parties to reach an outcome, or that al-Maliki refused to make needed reforms, when there are a lot of solutions, including replaced by the Council or the withholding trust him or go to early elections. "

While A leading figure in the National Alliance, which includes the ruling powers; the rule of law led by Nuri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, and the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr and the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim, and the Reform Movement, which has one seat in the Iraqi parliament, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, former President of the Government Iraq, for "the existence of sharp differences prevailed in the meeting of the National Alliance, which ended yesterday at dawn, because of the insistence of a coalition of state law that did not attend the Chairman of the meeting not to discuss the subject of withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki or replaced, and there is no alternative to Maliki, but Maliki."

In addition, said a leading role in the National Alliance, who asked not to be named, told the "Middle East", by telephone from Baghdad yesterday, said that
"a meeting of the National Alliance (which lasted for many hours and headed by Jaafari, did not provide real solutions or clear answers from my Erbil, Najaf, al-Maliki demanded the replacement of the coalition during the week, because of the insistence of the rule of law not to discuss this matter. "