The parliamentary economy reveal for "Economy News" Iraq get new soft loans

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Revealed to the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary member Jawad al-Bolani, said Thursday that the Iraqi government got some soft international loans and can be used to supplement the country's budget deficit obstructed.

Bolani said in a press interview for "Economy News" that Iraq is going through economic status is difficult because of low oil prices on the one hand and fight gangs Daesh terrorist from the other side, and thus large amounts of money spent to supplement the battle to ensure their durability until the final victory and the liberation of all lands, but he also, but Iraq is witnessing in recent economic situation stable and somewhat near future heralds a great renaissance if given the circumstances and the appropriate climate to invest its resources properly.

He added that the Iraqi government has good relations with many countries and can be exploited to reduce the benefits of large loans that have accumulated for years values, indicating that the greater the relations of Iraq and a broad and solid with the rest of the more able to reduce the loan interest arising from his duty to those countries.