Expert stresses the importance of the role of the banking sector in the state treasury support

06/04/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Farah pumice
praised the financial expert step Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) for the transfer of 50 percent of its profits over the past year to the public treasury of the state.

The expert praised Thamer al - Azzawi "morning", "the management of the bank to achieve unprecedented profits in the work of Iraqi banks, as the year 2016 Bank has achieved more than 500 billion dinars , and aspires to increase the profits this year."

He said al - Azzawi , " the need that the government pay attention to the importance of the banking sector, especially after this initiative", calling on other banks to take similar steps to what do the (TBI), especially that the government is suffering from the current distress and financial need for serious steps to support the budget. "

The bank Iraqi trade and within the focus of reforms as directed by Dr. Haider Abadi , the Prime Minister, he has transferred 50 percent of its profits for the year 2016 amounting to 268 billion dinars to the treasury, as the Bank achieved a net profit of 536 billion Iraqi dinars for the financial year ended 31/12/2016 to increase the proportion of 265 percent Mahakgah of net profit in the fiscal year It ended 31/2/2015 which was $ 145 billion Iraqi dinars.

The works of the Iraqi Trade Bank to promote banking services through localization of salaries and encouraging electronic payment in addition to the introduction of new products , including a certificate of deposit.

It is worth mentioning the Trade Bank of Iraq on the implementation of the first syndicated loan in Iraq for the benefit of the Ministry of Electricity in cooperation with Standard Chartered, GE, is currently in collaboration with Doejeh Bank, JPMorgan Bank, Citi Bank managed to issue international documents for Iraq.

In turn , the banking expert Mohamed Ali Jaber , the importance of the development of the banking work tools and development in order to achieve the economic viability of Iraq, pointing out that the development of banking tools helps to lift banking transactions, thereby raising profits to large levels can be employed to serve the national economy through implicated in investment financing routes.

He noted the need to strengthen the Trade Bank of Iraq experience and success across the banking sector as it represents the banking sector , the cornerstone of the economic development process and can achieve a quantum leap in supporting real development paths, noting that it requires sophisticated products in harmony and the desires of the beneficiary on disagreeing company or a citizen, HR also requires a high degree of expertise to be able to banking technology.

He pointed out the importance of the training approach adopted by organizations concerned in the banking and its role in providing the banking expertise of the updated information that helps to attract the largest number of customers.