Oil: oil exports and a slight rise in fiscal revenues for the month of March

05/01/2017 at 12:03 | Hits: 86


The oil Ministry announced Wednesday, a slight rise in oil exports and fiscal revenue last month, noting that the average daily export amounted to more than 3 million barrels.

He said the Ministry's spokesman Assem Jihad in a statement "trend" I got a copy of it to "preliminary statistics issued by the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO had shown that there was a slight increase in the total quantities exported crude for March with these 101 million amounts to 31 and 675 000 barrels", noting that "fiscal revenue is increased by more than 4 billion and 744 million and 730 thousand dollars."

Jihad said that "total quantities exported crude for March past produced from oil fields in Central and southern Iraq reached 99 million 504 thousand 916 barrels were exported from the southern ports and buoys, while the total exports from the Kirkuk oil 526 million thousand and 759 barrels."

Jihad said that the average daily export of 3 million and 259, 000 and 68 barrels ", stating that" the average price of a barrel reached $46.963.

Iraq was approved on 30 November to reduce oil production by 210 million barrels after OPEC Member States agreed on the first cut of oil production since 2008, and the amount of 1.200 million barrels a day.