Babylon calls for the formation of a higher investment committee

2017/04/05 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 127 - Number (3894)


Areas of the province of Babylon prepared by specialists, an environment suitable for several types of investments, because of the advantage of large agricultural areas, and industrial sectors and tourism many. The Investment Authority calls for the formation of a higher committee for investment in the province, in order to accelerate the implementation of investment projects, which can revive the economy of the province and the country in general in various fields.

The Director General of the Investment Authority of Babil province, Nasr Hamoud al-Anzi, said in an interview with (the extent) that the ongoing research with the local government on finding ways to stimulate the economic and investment movement in Babylon, calling for the formation of a higher investment committee in the province, It can promote the economic status of the province.

Al-Anzi believes that the province enjoys important advantages in the agricultural, industrial and tourism sectors. It has abundant arable land and it has a large industrial base represented by various factories and factories. The Hittin industrial area in the province is one of the strategic areas that can be constructed And the province has the existence of infrastructure and has very good potential to be invested, especially with regard to fertile agricultural lands abundant water, so it is necessary to invest in these areas, and to improve the economic reality of the Maha In particular, and the country in general.

He added that the Authority is making great efforts in the investment sector, which is responsible for overcoming the economic crisis experienced by the country, and there is an investment plan developed by the Babylon Investment Commission for 2017, which included all investment sectors of housing, agriculture, industry, buildings and other, up to more than 20 licenses And an investment license has been granted in the field of buildings. There are 8 full investment opportunities sent to the National Investment Authority for approval.

On the other hand, Deputy Governor of Babylon, Hassan Mandil said in an interview with (the extent) that the possibility exists to establish important investment projects in the province, including oil refineries and the airport, noting to what is done by the Babylon Investment Commission through its plans to upgrade the investment sector and progress, Pointing out, to the economic movement investment witnessed by the province through projects already implemented, and projects that are now stages of progress in work.

He added that the cooperation between the Babylon Investment Authority and the local government, in order to increase the number of investment projects and overcome obstacles and difficulties in the investment operations to promote the investment sector in the province, which is an important pillar to improve the economic reality of the citizen in the province ..