The differences blocs prevent hosting Abadi and disrupt the resolution of vacant ministries

4/5/2017 The number of readings: 684 - Issue (3894)


The Prime Minister invests the differences of parliamentary blocs not to commit to resolve the file of vacant ministries, and absent from the session of parliament, which was allocated to clarify the charges addressed to the deputies recently.

The Prime Minister's bloc recognizes that the disagreement of the Turkmen component on the candidate of the Ministry of Industry, and the sharp competition between the National Coalition and the Sunni parties around the Ministry of Commerce derailed efforts to resolve the file ministries

In light of the continuing differences, the coalition of state law that the file of vacant ministries is no longer on the list of priorities Abadi.

Three ministries remain vacant: finance, trade and industry, and are administered by ministers of higher education, planning, labor and social affairs.

Three months ago, parliament rejected a vote to nominate candidates for the ministries of industry and commerce because of the different representatives of the Turkmen component on the one hand, and between the coalition of national and Sunni forces on the other, the nomination of a minister of the portfolio of trade. Representatives of the Turkmen component exchanged accusations about the failure of candidate Necmettin Mohsen to take over the Ministry of Industry.

"There is a split within the Turkmen component on the candidate of the industrial portfolio," said a deputy of the citizen's bloc. "There are also differences between the National Coalition and the Sunni blocs hindered the decision of the candidate of the Ministry of Commerce," adding that "the Sunni parties are actively seeking to seize one of the two ministerial portfolios."

"The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) does not want to offer an alternative to Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari because it is considered to be sacked by the al-Maliki team," the MP, who spoke to al-Mada, said on condition of anonymity. For Zebari unless the government proves that there are violations against him. "

In turn, confirms Abbas al-Bayati, a deputy close to the Prime Minister, that "the internal differences of the Turkmen component and the incompatibility between the Sunni blocs and the National Coalition on the candidate of the Ministry of Commerce has stopped resolving the file of vacant ministries."

Al-Bayati told Al-Mada that "Abadi is keen to resolve this file with the parties and political blocs to provide agreed figures."

He continued a member of a coalition of state law that "Abadi preoccupation with his trip to Washington and his presence at the meetings of the Arab summit and the differences between the political blocs and developments in the events in the battle of Mosul, all factors led to disable this file and removed from the list
Priorities ".

Al-Bayati denied the existence of a request to question the Prime Minister, saying that "Abadi does not mind attending the House of Representatives every month to clarify all the problems and questions.

The Prime Minister was absent from attending a session allocated by Parliament to the accusations made to members of the House of Representatives manipulating the budget items for personal purposes.

Abadi tried to circumvent the request of the Presidency of Parliament to attend the House of Representatives, at the invitation of the heads of blocs to meet with him in the government palace after his return from participating in the Arab summit.

And wished the deputies of the Dawa Party to be satisfied with the heads of blocs in the hosting session, expressing concern that the exploitation of the session to create a crisis with Abadi.

But parliamentary blocs refused to abandon their commitment to host the Prime Minister in the House of Representatives, despite the presence of representatives in the meeting with the leaders of Abadi blocs.

In turn, MP Hussein al-Awadi, a member of the Liberal bloc, said that "some political blocs were not convinced to host the prime minister of the heads of blocs and insists on hosting in parliament."

Al-Awadi said in a statement to Al-Mada yesterday that "the prime minister did not succeed in naming independent ministers away from quotas."

He called a member of the Liberal bloc Prime Minister to "reveal the names of political blocs that exert pressure on him to pass their candidates." Stressing the need to "submit candidates technocrats away from quotas."