Madi relationship: the Social Fund for development in Iraq aims to support poor groups and communities

04/05/2017 10:14 | Hits: 194


Cabinet Secretary General Mehdi relationship to the Social Fund for development in Iraq aims to support and enable poor and disadvantaged groups and communities through drivers and local community development and to promote social cohesion and contributes to the restoration of trust between the citizen and the State.

According to a statement by the Cabinet Secretariat today got "" trend "Cabinet Secretary General participated in the second scientific symposium organized by the Faculty of management and Economics in University themed Mustansiriyah (national poverty alleviation strategy in Iraq. Application effects and future directions), in the presence of a number of professors and experts from the Ministry of planning.

During the seminar relations presented a paper entitled (Social Fund in Iraq.. step by empowering the poor), presenting the activities of the committees formed and results of World Bank meetings, reviewing the Fund's objectives and strategic framework for social protection, explaining that the second poverty alleviation strategy in Iraq operating areas included health, education and housing.

He said: "it will provide the Fund for project to the Cabinet for approval and will hopefully release during the first half of this year.