Deputy reveals corruption and destruction of 12 billion dinars project electricity

Husseiniya Karbala
Bertha News Agency 35 2017-04-04

The Parliamentary Integrity Parliamentary Committee revealed on Tuesday the existence of corruption and waste 12 billion dinars in the electricity project Husseiniya in Karbala, while he said that he submitted the file to the Integrity Commission was taken legal action to refer him to the judiciary and prosecute those responsible.

Zubaidi said in a statement that "a number of citizens of the people of Husseiniya in the province of Karbala complained about the damage caused by the lack of completion of the project of electric feeders for the area, despite payment of financial dues for this project."

"These complaints have been submitted to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee and will be discussed by experts and consultants specialized in auditing the contracts and then they will be referred to the Ministry of Electricity for the purpose of completing the judicial procedures to prosecute officials and account them for waste and loss of public money and deprive the people of electricity."

Zubaidi pointed out that "the project has been funded and initiated since 2008 and the date scheduled to hand over the project was in 2011, but unfortunately that the administrative and financial corruption caused the failure of the project and the great damage to the residents of the area, estimated at 12 billion dinars."

Zubaidi said he would "follow up this investigation until the results are complete and refer the file to the judiciary and bring those responsible to justice and recover the money allocated to the project."

It is noteworthy that the financial and administrative corruption rampant in a number of public projects affected the lack of completion of many of these projects, which led some ministries to review them and stop these companies and put them on the black list.