The House of representatives ends questioning of Health Minister and raises its next Tuesday {Extender}

2017/4/4 16:13

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Finished houses at its twenty-third normal open Presidency Council President Salim Al-Juburi said Tuesday, interrogation Adela Hammoud Minister of health.

A statement of the information service of the House of representatives received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, the President of the Council at the beginning of the meeting, thanks to the effort made by mp Awwad Al Awadi consolidating supervisory work and the Minister of health to attend the interrogation process.

Attorney completed Awad Awadi questioning inquire why each of first lieutenant Ali Hammoud and brother Lieutenant Ali Salman bought inks and printing materials Kuwait entering the Ministry very high amounts almost three times the real value, and procedures regarding leak some corporate albagat for the amount of money despite objections to these names.

He asked attorney Awadi "she neglect and failure to take precautionary and preventive measures to prevent the spread of hepatitis and causing increased numbers of people living with the disease type {b.c} high-risk and causing the death of many citizens, as well as the intentionality not to provide the required vaccine despite a tender."

In response, the Minister denied any negligence in the special precautions and preventative hepatitis where Iraq from countries that have more advanced and effective systems to control the virus by following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, "indicating that" the Ministry relies on a global ratio to determine the incidence of the disease compared to neighboring countries and the Middle East ", adding that" the incidence of hepatitis in Iraq are two percent which is normal and the lowest among neighboring countries, "he showed that the vaccine is given to old people People with the disease with high risk and who have contact with patients and staff in health institutions.

Deputy Health Minister Awadi demanded "clarification of administrative offences in special controls on distribution of medical professionals to the provinces and provincial appointment orders canceled and reappointed in Baghdad on the pretext that the discharge and exceptions that change the old stay for sections without study and outside controls resulting in significant shortages in most important branches, accused of financial corruption in appointments.

"The Health Minister said the Health Ministry put regulations as directed by the planning Ministry and approved by the Minister, no administrative irregularities with the exception of some legal and medical cases requiring medical need and gradient by power Minister", "banner Ministry staff of families of martyrs are exclude from distribution in the provinces or exposed to threat and his life is in danger, rejecting charges of corruption linked to financial Ministry appointments."

Mp called Awadi to see the Health Minister in contravention of instructions to the Cabinet Secretariat on appointments at the Ministry and health services through the appointment of Missouri community colleges as favoritism walmnsobih loyalty without forming committees or announcement of grades despite the objections of the Office of financial supervision. "

In turn, she said "non-contravention of instructions to the Secretariat regarding appointments being conducted according to the requirements of the planning service receives a list of graduates of the Department of education which in turn transmit it to the administrative district to distribute assignments according to electronic submission", noting that "the role of the Minister include confirmation installed in the development budget law grades and Angel's movement, indicating that the Office of financial supervision is based on a complaint by email recruitment controls irregularities were investigated by the Inspector General at the Ministry."

Attorney asked Awad Awadi about causes she's insistence on violating the Cabinet Secretariat instructions on determining the number of cars and protection for both the Minister and the Secretary spent large amounts of fuel and car repair and placement of extra protections which cost a huge budget. "

The Minister noted "their commitment to the law and what was thrown within the federal budget law for the year 2015 and 2016 and 2017 and not an instruction to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, noting the urgent need to Auto for frequent visits to provinces and field trips in displacement camps and fronts within its responsibilities, saying not to buy any new cars as well as spend 41 million in one year to fuel consumption and repair the motorcade with salary protection elements assigned to conduct work in the Ministry of health by the Ministry of the Interior, the protection has been reduced The Minister's Office and its departments as their personal protection items is different. "

At the conclusion of the process of questioning the President of the Council declared on "view vote convinced the deputies whether Health Minister answers at the next meeting, expressing thanks to mp Awwad Al Awadi democratic practice and collect the questions and manner of dealing with questions and thanks for Adela Hammoud Minister of health for attending to the House and answering questions as well as thanked deputies for their perseverance to interrogation sessions.

For his part price martinka555 Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary Health Committee that questioned Attorney efforts Awad healthy Awadi work calendar Iraqi ministries.

Then decided to adjourn until Tuesday 11 April 2017.