Prime Minister: Corruption is no less dangerous than terrorism

2017/04/04 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 72 - Number (3893)

Baghdad / Range

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said yesterday that corruption is no less dangerous than terrorism, pointing out that the liberation battles did not prevent the reform efforts in the economy.

"Corruption is no less dangerous than terrorism," Abadi said during his speech at the Iraq Energy Forum. "Our confrontation with terrorism and our liberation of land did not prevent us from reforming the economy and other institutions."

"Iraq has enormous potential and promising opportunities, and the government has great interest in encouraging investment," Abbadi said.

"The government is trying to take advantage of every barrel of oil to serve the citizen and develop the country and every gas torch that was wasted 90 years ago, for the first time we took advantage of this gas."

"The government is committed to partnership between the public and private sectors," Abbadi said.

"The government is moving towards building a strong Iraqi economy to boost the country and not rely on one source," he said.

"The state that you think will develop alone is a false belief and the state that you think will be far from terrorism in isolation from the region is also wrong," Abadi said.

"We are coming to a new stage in which the country will move forward," the prime minister said, calling on the conference to provide the government with more ideas to develop its investment plans.

In another context, Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri said that "the Iraq Energy Forum represents a great opportunity to provide investments and capabilities of the state to expand the economic base."

"Iraq is seeking new resources for the budget instead of relying solely on oil revenues, which puts the future of Iraq in front of major challenges and a dilemma that we seek solutions to," Jubouri said.

"Iraq has passed through the past two years with great suffering of low oil prices and possible to overcome the dilemmas through the development plans required and through the management of oil wealth as part of solutions."

"The parliament is seeking through various legislation to increase support for the economy, and it will vote soon on the National Oil Company and others in addition to the previous legislation."

Al-Habouri stressed that "the oil and gas law since 2007 has not been decided and is the backbone of oil and is still pending and has been withdrawn several times and the parliament has not spared no effort in the legislation of several laws that contribute to advancing the economy and energy forward."

"Thanks to the efforts exerted to develop the oil sector, especially the increase of reserves of Iraq to 153 billion barrels." He also praised the "cooperation between the federal government and OPEC."