Trump sends his son-in-law to Iraq .. Baghdad is silent
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Thread: Trump sends his son-in-law to Iraq .. Baghdad is silent

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    Trump sends his son-in-law to Iraq .. Baghdad is silent

    Trump sends his son-in-law to Iraq .. Baghdad is silent

    2017/04/04 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 444 - Number (3893)

    Baghdad / Range

    While US sources confirmed the travel of President Trump's son-in-law to Iraq, accompanied by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Danford. The Iraqi government's silence was remarkable.

    Kouchner, 36, has a major influence on the internal and external policies of the new administration and was the main intermediary between Trump and foreign governments during the campaign in 2016. The visit comes as the first sign of interest by the Trump administration on the situation in Iraq, two weeks after Prime Minister Haidar Abadi, that he is sure that the president of the United States will increase his support for the campaign against the fight against a sympathetic organization.

    The Associated Press quoted a senior administration official as saying on Monday that Jared Kouchner, the son-in-law of the US president and chief adviser, was in Iraq on an official visit. The official said Kouchner was visiting Iraq with the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Joseph Danford.

    The senior official, who provided the media with this information late on Sunday, was not authorized to talk about secret meetings, but stressed that "the adviser and smelter of US President, Jared Kouchner, went to Iraq with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Danford Monday," and Said Kouchner "wants to see the situation there himself and express his support for the government of Baghdad."

    The official pointed out that the visits of senior officials "often remain secret, for security reasons."

    On March 20, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi held talks for the first time in Washington with President Donald Trump. During the visit, he received assurances of increased US support in the fight against the Dahesh organization. There are currently 4,460 US military personnel in Iraq.

    There was no Iraqi government statement about Kouchner's visit and his team to Baghdad, but the US Army Command confirmed his arrival, according to spokesman Captain Rick Hicks.

    Although media reports said on Sunday Kouchner and Danford were in Iraq at the weekend, they arrived only Monday afternoon. A Reuters reporter in a small group of journalists traveled with the US delegation.

    The visit appeared to illustrate the broad powers given to Kouchner, 36, a close associate of Trump, and to give wide-ranging responsibilities locally and externally, including work towards a Middle East peace agreement.

    General Danford said he had invited Kouchner and White House internal security adviser Thomas Bosert to accompany him to hear "themselves without any modification" from military advisers about the situation on the ground and to communicate with US forces.

    "I said the next time I went to Iraq if you were interested, it was good," Danford said, adding that he had made the call weeks ago. "Kouchner arrived in Iraq at midday on Monday, accompanied by General Joseph Danford and Assistant President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Thomas Bussert," Danek spokesman Gerry Hicks told the Associated Press.

    Hicks said the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Joint US Army, General Joseph Danford, invited Kouchner and Bussert to meet with Iraqi leaders and senior US advisers and to visit the field with US troops to learn more about the campaign against a militant organization in Iraq and Syria.

    "Kouchner is making this visit on behalf of President Donald Trump to express his support and commitment to the Iraqi government and to the American soldiers currently involved in the campaign against a supporter," the Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesman said.

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