The third Energy Forum ends with looking into the "post-2030"

2017/04/04 (00:01 pm)


Conclude, on Monday, in Baghdad, Iraq the third Energy Forum, which took place over the past two days, the supervision of Iraq's energy Institute under the banner "towards Iraq viable energy sector and multi economy imports" to discuss a number of important files on energy and economy in Iraq and the region, most notably future oil markets amid low oil prices, multiple conventional and non-conventional energy sources and renewable.

See also included the lyrics to a number of officials, focused on the need to rely on renewable energy along with oil and gas.

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, had called in a speech on the first day of the Forum to rely on renewable energy, pointing to the need for oil and electrical energy will double during the next 15 years.

The head of the House of Salim Al-Juburi, in turn, to the oil and gas law is the backbone of the relationship between the Centre and the producing provinces and territory.

Mighty oil Minister allaibi during his speech at the Forum, that Iraq will soon complete a project to supply gas to Kuwait, according to an agreement between the two countries, at the same time, noting that Iraq has arrived for the first time, to export tons per day of liquid gas, and hopes to export 7000 tons per day of liquid gas, and added that this year will bring more 20 000 barrels in gasoline production, pointing to import petroleum worth 2 billion dollars in one year.

According to the Minister of industry and minerals agency Mohamed sheyaa, during his participation in the Forum, that the country spent $321 billion through unsuccessful projects from 2006 to 2014, stating that, the Ministry developed programmes for sustainable development in the medium and long term until 2030, and that by using natural resources responsibly, high pointing out that, his Ministry is determined to implement its decisions to absorb unemployment and stop wasting money, which reached large proportions of more than three billion dollars.

Turn water resources Minister Bharat interventions in the Forum, said that as far as water resources are concerned, Iraq faces severe challenges, having missed great opportunities missed to improve the water sector, in conjunction with other sectors of the economy that made him wreck and ruin and wars and underdevelopment, isolation, water sector don't win pray for energy and food.

This fact, which became successful sustainable economic development assumptions and integrated and comprehensive, whether economic, social or environmental or climatic climate warming and related obligations of States with their commitments under international conventions, the latest Paris Convention on climate in the twenty-first meeting of the parties (COP21) in Paris, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as a result of gradual distancing from fossil energy sources toward renewables.

He added, that the association between water and food and energy still needs more research and checking for redefining, removing the ambiguity and mystery and faith Rube rich of abundant oil reserves, plentiful water resources and fertile land, reclining on a supposed fuel prices on the world market, and thus surrender to the feeling of satisfaction in being able to buy food from the world markets, for neglecting the domestic market for food and agriculture, and the bloated salaries and perks, and spending on projects found that a high proportion of them were half-fake.

Janabi, confirmed that the country's revenue from the waters of the two rivers on the decrease, and our country has lost more than a third of the Euphrates, the earnings rate and soon will lose half its revenues from the Tigris River across the border with neighboring Turkey, we would have lost in the last two decades, the karkheh river water Karun, who founded the Islamic Republic of Iran on the territory, they are in the Hoor al-Hovaiza and Shatt al-Arab, respectively, so that the traditional methods of irrigation is no longer useful, the agricultural sector needs to move quickly from the loser depends Mainly on State support, to a profitable sector or at least standing on two feet dirty.

He pointed out that the country needs to spend an estimated (180) billion, (68) billion in infrastructure and rehabilitation in the field work of the Ministry of water resources, including more than 80 billion dollars, in the water and sanitation sector, $10 billion dollars in levee rehabilitation and energy production, etc.

He stressed the desire of the Ministry to respond to the needs of the oil sector of water in oil fields, where for every barrel of oil extracted, there is a need for the equivalent of a barrel and a half barrel of water.

The Forum also discussed the impact of the US policy on market volatility and oil-exporting economies in the Middle East, especially Iraq and the role of international oil companies in Iraq and ways to scale the risks, promotion of investment opportunities and discuss financial systems and legal frameworks under the economic reform process, systematic plans address the challenges of population growth and unemployment, technological development, and to look towards post-2030.

Iraq Energy Institute was established in 2008 as an independent nonprofit institution conserves energy policy in Iraq and supporting economic and legislative reform efforts, and the development of scientific research in the fields of oil and gas, electricity and renewable energy.

The Institute was appointed as a consultant to oil and Energy Committee in the Iraqi Parliament. It is President of the Institute in the United Kingdom (London) and participates in the Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee of Iraqi experts in energy.