Sulaimaniya hosts an exhibition and conference for civil airports and tourism

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Embraces the province of Sulaymaniyah exhibition and conference forum of civil airports, tourism and air freight, which is scheduled to start its work in the period from 3 to 4 May next.

He said managing director of the organization of the company Conference Ali Bashir in a press statement, that this exhibition will bring together all airports operating in Iraq and major companies specialized in the fields of aviation, travel and tourism and shipping to telecommunications firms and information technology systems, airports and banking facilities.

He pointed out that this event is an opportunity for all of these jurisdictions to communicate with each other and offer their services to the public, as well as new and recent developments in their work. He pointed out that the conference will be held under the theme "Gate of civil airports for the recovery of tourism and service air freight," he said, adding that he will discuss the communication between the parties participating service to citizens, businessmen and investors, shipping service and tourism and its importance in the economic advancement of their countries, the fact that these entities is the gateway for real development of the country and the interface .

And between Bashir, he said the event will be sponsored by the institutions of a group of center and the region represented by Baghdad airport Ata- Sulaymaniyah International Airport - Erbil Ata- Airport Najaf International Airport - Basra International Airport - General Establishment of Civil Aviation - Ministry of Transport - General Tourism Corporation in the Kurdistan region.

It is expected that the conference is witnessing a presence between 1,000 to 2,000 businessmen in the areas mentioned, as well as extensive media coverage of this economic event by diverse Calfdhaiaat, newspapers, news agencies and the media.