Positive for the development of Iraq's future outlook will have a positive impact among investors


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A report of the Network (CNBC) American that confidence expressed by Fitch International Foundation bisect the credit of the Iraqi economy last month, which will have a positive impact on investment in Iraq.

Network wrote in its report that Fitch gave Iraq rating B + with a positive outlook for the future, which believes it will be stable, although it is fighting a war against (Daesh).

She added that Fitch placed Iraq at the level of B + due to political risks and instability caused by conflicts going through.

But he noted that the positive outlook for the situation in Iraq will have a positive impact among investors who fear pumping their money in it.

He said the financial expert Stephen Simonis said Iraq can raise growth rates, thanks to its oil reserves and other sectors that can be relied upon.

The report added that the granting of Fitch Iraq this confidence gives the green light to invest in it, pointing out that the Iraq Stock Exchange is working with all his strength since last year, and that there are expectations of re currently allocated for military spending in the budget and give the distribution of funds boost spending on infrastructure and revive the economy.

The Fitch has indicated in its report released in March / last March to improve the financial situation of Iraq, and the expected contraction of the fiscal deficit in the budget to 5.1 percent of GDP this year due to high oil revenues, and increased government spending by 12.1 percent after three years of decline.