The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank: an integrated draft delete zeros incorrectly interception by questioning
Date: Monday, 28-05-2012 11: 53 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance, the Bank ready to start deleting three zeros from the currency, noting that the objection that mere suspicions are incorrect. He said Saleh (News Agency news) Monday: an integrated project and all those involved in Government favor no one against it, which objected to this project is skeptical about the ability of the Central Bank. He said that the Central Bank would be ready to implement resolution without hesitation if the Government so decided, that he will block large cash and annoying and this is what the Iraqi people expect him to achieve progress and freedom and prosperity. He said that the draft delete zeros need approval from the Government and the House of success.

The Central Bank of Iraq was announced (September 29, 2011) to 2013 will delete the zeros and the currency changeover, which warned officials and economists because of its work preparing for faking maviat trillion Iraqi dinars in light of upcoming changes for a replacement. With the Central Bank of Iraq accused the Government of obstructing the monetary reform and vowed to prosecute because it shows the financial interests of the country risk.