Advisor Abbadi: The amounts of investment in the payment of time in Iraq amounted to 5 billion dollars


The economic adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Monday, that there is no problem with the payment of the term with the companies invested, indicating that the value of the projects for the payment of time implemented by investment companies in all governorates to date amounted to 5 billion dollars.

Saleh said in a press statement that "one of the means mentioned in the budget law is the right to implement projects by the payment of the term." He added that "projects of payment in the future are projects that have vitality and that affect the lives of citizens, such as the implementation of hospital projects and water stations."

He added that "the amounts of payment of the term for projects have been initiated in all provinces with investment companies, amounting to 5 billion dollars, or equivalent to 5 trillion Iraqi dinars."

He added that "the Iraqi market is a free market, but it does not mean freedom of possession," pointing out that the dollar is witnessing a bid and demand significantly and the Central Bank of Iraq pumped the dollar significantly in the Iraqi market in order to reduce any problem in the dollar and stability of its price.

He pointed out that "fluctuations in the price of the dollar is the exchange rate fluctuations and not economic fluctuations," stressing that "the rate of inflation in Iraq reached 2%, and felt that" the proportion is the lowest currently. "