DHI launches wheel detection of explosives (rabskan) in the control of the meat Hill

2017-04-03 at 19:13

Baghdad scales news

The local Government announced Dhi, Monday, processing meat South Hill control wheel الناصريه٬ sonar to examine explosives "rabskan" certain advertising to seek the two wheels to secure Northern and Western entrances to the QAR.

The Governor said in a statement, Nazarene, Yahya learner,/news, balances "opening the control truck load in Tal meat South الناصريه٬ after processing wheel sonar to examine explosives (rabskan) currently contribute to the security of the province by examining large vehicles entering Thi".

"The security agencies would divert large vehicles coming across the savanna area west of Nasiriyah towards Tel control meat for secure check all Dhi intervention vehicles from the Western and southern sides.

Governor of Dhi Qar that there are official communications with the Interior Ministry to secure two sonar to examine explosives (rabskan) is standard for their force in conservative Northern and Western entrances and inspect large vehicles entering Thi ".